• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Putin’s Blackout Blitz: Ukraine restricts electricity use as Russians destroy 3 power grids


Apr 20, 2023

Ukraine is restricting electricity usage nationwide for the first time following a barrage of Russian missile and drone attacks that …


31 thoughts on “Putin’s Blackout Blitz: Ukraine restricts electricity use as Russians destroy 3 power grids”
  1. Irrespective of the side , hurting civilians by bringing the civilians to dark especially during the winter is evil.

    No civilians deserve this.

    Military should fight with military.

  2. Zelensky STOP your proxy war with America to fight Russia. Do you not care about the Ukranian people and their suffering and imminent death because of NATO warmongering and YOU their blame I assure. Their Puppet.

  3. I am shocked how many people here in the discussion support the agressor, the occupant. Has Ukraine ever done anything worng to you, guys? This is so inhuman, so immoral when you support the last colonial empire to colonize another countries. Dont you have your own experience how it was being colonised?

  4. stupid zelenskyy…wait for Great Russia's response. It would be much more intense.

    Great Russia! Don't show mercy to ruthless zelenskyy. End zelenskyy's chapter quickly. zelenskyy is blocking civilians evacuation.

    Cut off all the necessary resources(Food, water, Power, & Transport) to zelenskyy. Rain your missles on zelenskyy's location.

  5. Russia must destroy ukraine airfields, roads/highways, rail-road/bridges, seaport and land transportaion, water and air in order to cut-=off the support coming from NATO allied and US.. glory to ukraine..

  6. Assalamualaikum.. peace.. Putin.. tested
    Kamakazhi..drones.. happily.. just..20,000.. dollars per peice..now it's their missiles to be tested by Putin.. lots of money being saved by this act..
    As usual.. president Putin is the most intelligent leader of world..see what is happening in..U.K…most laughable.. happenings..sooooo.sorry..western world… now it's time to.. introspect…
    Peace… salaam… shalom…

  7. The Ukrainians front armies will be destroyed n devastated during this winter months
    The Russians might be using cluster n carpet bombings in this counter offensive
    Wat n see
    The worst is waiting

  8. What will you say when Putin wants to occupy India. Wouldn’t you fight for your own country? Putin is pure evil destroying innocent people. The Ukrainians just want to live in peace. ☮️ and what about all the poor Russian soldiers that send out to die in this war too. Putin don’t care about human being, all he thinks about is occupying other countries – so many deaths, so much destruction and fear because of this evil war.

  9. what's really sad is the fact that Western powers are prepared to sacrifice every Ukrainian life in yet another of their proxy wars, all in a bid to undermine Russia and try to implement regime change. this has fuck all to do with humanitarianism or democracy, and the cowardice of conspirators, like the E.U., etc., really fucking angers me.

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