• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Ukraine Artillery Units Destroyed 3 Russian Heavy Battleships. Subscribe here – If you like the video, …


23 thoughts on “Ukraine Artillery Units Destroyed 3 Russian Heavy Battleships | Milsim ArmA 3 S9”
  1. ミサイルの動画も見たけど、ロシア海軍弱っ!陸軍に轟沈させられる海軍は情けない。それに煙突からの黒煙は何?船は時代遅れかよ!攻撃してくる地上部隊に反撃もせず、射的外に離脱もしないでやられるのを待つポンコツ海軍は糞!陸軍国ロシアの海軍は弱いな!

  2. These ships aren't modern, more up to date vessels – these are WW2 vintage and like the Javelin missile system. These guns aren't heavy calibre enough to do severe damage to them. Another exaggeration again!

  3. The 8 inch guns on those ships would have shredded the gun shooting at it . The rockets from those cruisers would have killed everything on the shore quick. Besides those little guns wouldnt do much damage .

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