• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The video footage showed soldiers touring a destroyed airbase that was used by Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr …


20 thoughts on “Ukraine releases video of 'destroyed airbase used by Russians' near Kherson”
  1. Please Take This WAR TO RUZZIA!!! It is time Ruzzia gets a good taste in their mouths! Anhialate St.Petersberg to RUBBLE!!! Destroy the whole country One City after the next!

  2. Russians have no respect for anything. They hate themselves so that attitude is projected on the civilians of others who they attempt to control. Look at what has happened to the infrastructure.

  3. Seriously, for a man of his stature and station in life, Putin is throwing tantrums like a demented imbicile that has had his icecream licked by someone else…….

  4. Be patient and holdon Ukraine. Russia is facing bankruptcy in the next 4-5 months.
    – Russia Trading to the rest of the world down 40%.
    – Putin is bagging Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, president of Turkey, to sell his gas to Europe. Desperate for money.
    – Recruited troops have to buy their own equipments. Refusing to fight.
    – Troops in the frontline are demoralising because there's not enough supplies.
    – There is no more tanks, there's no money to produce new weapons, have to use museum tanks.
    There's no way out for Russia as the world condemned and sanction Russia/Putin for his illegal war…..

  5. After this senseless war is over and Putler is behind bars or six feet under and his army's war criminals are fully held to account for the countless atrocities they have committed, the terrorist pariah state known as ruZZia should be forced to pay reparations for all the death, misery, destruction and suffering it has caused in Ukraine so that remains in a weakened, isolated. indebted and impoverished state for for generations to come. May the name of ruZZia live in infamy forever and its disgrace and shame never be forgotten.

  6. Russians degrade and despoil every thing and every person they come in contact with. They are a cancer on the body of humanity. The most we can hope for from this war is a Russia so economically and militarily weak that it can no longer threaten or harm its neighbors.

  7. Unfortunatley that is a Kherson, Ukraine civillian airport and infastructure that is destoryed. And now much of Ukraine has no water, electricity or gas heating. Even if Ukraine eventually pushes the Russian army from Ukraine, unless NATO supplie Ukraine with offensive wepeans to attack Russia on its own home turf and infastructure, this war will never end. 🙁

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