• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Military analyst Sean Bell assesses how significant the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for Russian …


36 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How significant is the arrest warrant issued for Putin”

  2. Russia doesn't respect the ICC? Nor does the USA which knows that it could be incriminated itself! Since the ICC has begun to play politics, does it deserve any respect? No.

  3. Economic policy of the Greens: Especially insanity – preparing for a war with China, as well as the struggle to cool 510 million square kilometers of the globe, is a disaster for the population. Australia is trapped, noose around the neck of the leading role of the green parties and their ideology in the AU. The AU Greens are a strongly dogmatic, if not zealous movement, which makes it fairly easy to get them to ignore economic arguments… The personal idiosyncrasies and unprofessionalism of their leaders… The result is unequivocal – destroying the economy as much as possible out of "moral motives".

  4. A unique phenomenon. A fountain of ignorance, demagogy, stupidity, obvious lies, and a complete lack of common sense. He does not know modern history, geography, economics and military characteristics of the countries of the "personal enemies of the AU" of the countries of China, Russia, Iran, and so on. AU and Taiwan have childish, tiny toy armies that can only disperse demonstrators. Symptoms of serious deviations in the psyche of the discussion of the "war with China", next to it looks like a more likely war with stars in the sky. Further darkness, mental eclipse: "Decisions" of the purchase, the construction of nuclear submarines and the port in the AU for the US nuclear submarines in order to spend an astronomical amount – which is not in the budget. China has the largest fleet in the world. – 360 large and very large warships.

  5. America has many problems in its own country. American citizens do not live in paradise, they are also people of this world and they also have many joys and sorrows in their lives. America should stop policing the world and fuel its own wheels. So that the American civil society can live in peace and happiness in a better way. Unnecessarily poking your dirty nose everywhere and stirring up trouble, the nose will eventually be cut off and there will be an unstable situation in the country as well.

  6. The problem with western countries is that their international institutions are bias and double
    This last straw that will close down ICC
    They have no credibility they work for their stomach. Western countries so desperate they are destroying in their institutions like they have done to dollar
    We don't trust keeping dollars now.
    Double standard.

  7. Russia is prepared against Leopard tanks now carrying depleted uranium munitions from London. Russia will introduce micro nukes to counter Ukraine's efforts to go nuclear.

  8. Absolutely pointless, war is a crime – created by them, both sides.
    Tony Blair is a freeman to this day (a lot of people have and will continue to die) until the system is torn down

  9. On a number of occasions watching sky's outstanding reporting on Putins WAR in Ukraine,
    Sky's Moscow correspondent
    @Diana Magnay I often question witch side of the fence she is actually on?
    At times she speaks badly of putin and his thugs, other times she sympathises with the Russians,
    My question to sky is WTF????

  10. AU gov decided to "play a role" in the war between the US and China with Russia. The United States is surrounded by a fleet of Russian nuclear submarines. 11 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and 17 nuclear-powered attack submarines. Russia also has nine nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines and 21 diesel-electric attack submarines. China has 16 nuclear submarines out of 56 submarines. Gov AU declared war on Russia, more on BRICS. The US military bases located on their territory are obliged and will be destroyed by the BRICS countries as a Preemptive attack in the event of serious provocations from the US against China. AU green führers Tony, Robert and Penny are an extreme threat to AU's existence. AU Green fanatics maniacally destroy their own economy.
    Their insane pleas: "Depriving the World of goods and fuels produced from fossil fuels" is a far greater threat to humanity than any climate problem facing humanity.

  11. Xi Jinping may be the biggest winner of the war in Ukraine.

    What scenario of events was assumed by the Chinese president after the attack by the Russian army on Ukraine on February 24, 2022?
    1. Quick capture of Kiev by Putin's army,
    2. The emigration of the government of President Zelensky,
    3. Russia taking control of all of Ukraine with puppet president Yanukovych.
    4. Breaking the cohesion of the USA, EU, G7 and weakening NATO,
    5. Strengthening the alliance with Russia.
    The precedent of Russia's seizure of Ukraine by force and the annexation of Crimea, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson was supposed to tame world opinion and be a contribution to China's seizure of Taiwan by force.
    Thanks to the heroic fight of the Ukrainian army and the solidarity of cooperation and gigantic help not seen since the Second World War from the US, EU, NATO, G7, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway and many democratic countries, the plans of Putin and Xi Jinping have been blocked. Russia has lost politically, it is losing militarily, Putin has been declared a war criminal by the independent International Criminal Court and an arrest warrant has been imposed on him. Russia is weakened, isolated, international sanctions and the costs of waging war amount to hundreds of billions of dollars.
    In such circumstances, if Xi Jinping forced Putin to withdraw from Ukraine, including Crimea and Donbass, to the borders of 1991, and to sign the Peace Agreement guaranteed by the US, China, EU, NATO, G7, India would become the world leader with the greatest political agency and the dominant position of China over Russia. China as a guarantor of peace. Xi for the internal needs of the CPC could preach the doctrine of One China (from the legal point of view, Taiwan is the rightful successor of the Chinese government illegally overthrown and forced to emigrate by the communist revolution and Mao Zedong in 1948), but a much more important and beneficial move would be the gradual settlement of about 2 million sq km of land illegally occupied by the Russian Empire in 1898 and never returned.
    Putin is already persona non grata and making alliances with him is dooming yourself to failure and staining your own reputation.

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