• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine has been covered extensively by Russian media, with one guest on a flagship talk show saying “we …


30 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Russia reacts to Biden's visit to Kyiv”
  1. Biden went there to have good reason to wipe off russia. I followed the news closely to see if anything could happen, nothing happened, I even subscribed to news break that only report bad news. Nothiiing happened. Putin is picking on the weak. Your greatest enemy is in your territory, and u can't do shiish? For real? This dude is WEAK. I paid $2.99 to be updated about that whole trip on News Break.
    Putin on some Blsht and innocent people are dying.

  2. Americans are not going to fight a Biden war because of his corruption and dealings with Ukraine. The war mongers in Washington want to make billions from the deaths of millions and don't care so let Biden and his war mongers and their families go die seeing how they made so much money selling out our country like the traitors they are!!

  3. nato and us should stop pretending to be a moral police of the world after destroying dozens of countries for resources and funding terrorists for geopolitical advantages. world do not buy their stories anymore. only western countries do. because they are living in their bubble created by their governments.they live in so called first world country and dont have a tiny bit of idea what is going on outside the europe.

  4. biden: can i go to kyiv?
    Putin: yeah sure, we wont shoot any missles that day
    Zelensky 3 seconds after biden lands: turn on the air raid siren boys ima need that propaganda moment

  5. ในความปอดไฟหรึกานพัดทะนาในปะทานหรึความยุดติทำ..บ่อให้หันหน้าไปใส่..หันใส่ความสำเหรัดในปะทาน..หรึหรัดเสยตามปะส่งเสั่นรูบแบบกะเสด.ทางไฟ

  6. What was so important that Biden took a train to get to kyiv.did he have something to hand deliver to Ukraine or something top secret to pick up in kyiv

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