• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

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18 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys russian war technique near Bakhmut | War in Ukraine”
  1. My teenage stepson here in Poland would say:
    It's "Mega-turbo-bomba"!
    Me? I say this:
    The UAF is slowly yet surely teaching the ruzzian army a lesson on Modern Warfare. And more importantly…
    Ukraine is teaching the rest of the World what DEMOCRACY (and the concept of it) means.
    From the South of Poland (katowice):
    A former Canadian who is 100% with you. JUST LIKE most people here in Poland:
    F ruzzia. Sincerely! F ru!
    Democracy reached Ukraine a few years ago. Since then…
    The putin regime is not scared of "pseudo-nazis" in Ukraine. ruzzia is deadly scared of DEMOCRACY in Ukraine.

  2. Thanks again for this, Max.
    I have always been fascinated by drones since my Daughters boyfriend pulled out his quadcopter at a picnic.
    Since then, .he has acquired a license .
    With all the restrictions here, he can't
    use it as much.
    Stay safe, Maxim.
    Glory to Ukraine.

  3. What??? How did dat happen? Seriously tho Max. You guys have NO idea what a depleted uranium round will do against a 72+ russist piece of shit. And I don't mean from the MBT's. Bradley's had a higher kill rate in my day during the 1st Gulf War than the M-1's. I wore a double A on my shoulder back then. The people of this World "think" they know what a hot knife will do thru butter, as the saying goes. They, and you, will. Let me be one of the 1st to say to Ukraine, "Congratulations on your Victory".

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