• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Ukrainian mortars and artillery destroy Russian Wagner Group near Bakhmut.


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian mortars and artillery destroy Russian Wagner Group near Bakhmut.”
  1. Its tragic to see whats happened to eastern Ukraine. All those villages that were just peaceful farming communities turned to rubble.

  2. I'm not against the Ukrainian forces, I hope they defeat the Russians but the narration of this clip does not relate to what is shown. It looks like the Russians suffered 3 casualties and the rest continued.

  3. I saw one injurred being dragged. Just because there is footage of three going in one direction does not mean only three survived. Clickbait does not show others being hit.

  4. Zelensky said he would no longer answer Xi Jinping's calls.

    " The French counterpart, Mr. Macron, told me that during his visit to Beijing he persuaded Xi Jinping to call me. Unfortunately I have to upset him. The Chinese leader had a chance but missed it. The time for peace talks has been lost, from now on Ukraine will talk to China only from the position of strength. I extended the hand of friendship, and now it is clenched into a fist," Vladimir Zelensky……………………………………

    A curtain.

    This is the best thing I've read today,this one has gone totally crazy, otherwise today's news—-PMC "Wagner" moves from the center of Bakhmut to the western areas of the city, as they retreat, the armed forces of Ukraine blow up buildings.

    In the center of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) there are ruins and corpses of Ukrainian fighters after fierce battles, reports the military commander of RIAN A. Kharchenko.In Kharkiv, relatives of the Ukrainian soldiers sent to Bakhmut participated in a protest rally.

    “They were brought there by deception.The boys are threatened with prison, they are mentally exhausted with whatever they can. The boys are exhausted, going to slaughter. They are simply destroyed," says the sister of an already killed soldier in Bakhmut.The other day, the fighters of the 127th TRO Brigade themselves recorded a video in which they expressed distrust of their command. "We are already running out of steam," says the military man.

  5. The speech of the narrator is totally different from what we can see on the video. There were only 2 russians hit by the grenade, all the rest walked easily away..

  6. Слава Україні!!! Слава українцям!!! Героям Слава!!! Смерть клятим ворогам!!! Смерть ПІДАрусам!!! Смерть ПІДАрашаСТАНУ!!! ВСЕ БУДЕ УКРАЇНА!!!

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