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What impact has Russia's war in Ukraine had on Africa? | DW News


Apr 20, 2023

It’s been one year since Russia began it’s invasion of Ukraine. Now while a war in Europe may seem far away from Africa, the …


18 thoughts on “What impact has Russia's war in Ukraine had on Africa? | DW News”
  1. Is the latest news going to win friends in the middle east and Africa ?. How was Ukraine grain in transport to the Middle East and Africa somehow Hijacked and sold half price for animal feed in Poland ? Now Poland wants EU money to compensate Polish farmers for the reduced Polish grain

  2. The US was neutral on apartheid. On colonisation. Pushing its hegemony and imperialism in Africa through the media will not go down as easily as it expects… I mean China knows what's up.

  3. India is taking all the heat, but India is saying what every covid ravaged developing nation wants to say. Russian foodgrains, fertilizers and energy cannot be taken off the market. Many struggling economies will fail, there will be such food shortages that people will revolt against their govts.

  4. This war has reminded me as an African how much the peoples of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen suffered and continue to suffer from the illegal invasions conducted by US and NATO countries illegally. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to be asked this question when the atrocities and war crimes were being committed. Until today, war criminals who perpetuated these AGGRESSIVE wars have not been held to account at the Hague, instead, we hear that Putin must be held to account. This is how the impact of the Russian / Ukrainian has affected me as an African, a realization of the double standards of the institutions, regional blocks and leaders of the western countries. Please take this seriously.

  5. yes it serves the Africans right they are a bunch of lazy thwarts their leaders are as dumb as cow dung they cannot grow their own food Africans don't learn they only dance

  6. For many decades Russian has warned the Americans against military expansion of NATO. The west has always pretended it has never heard the warning ⚠️. So stop begging for support from Russia''s friends and accept the realities

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