• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Is Bakhmut surrounded or is it the location of a Ukrainian Army Counter Attack? But a Russian assault in this direction would be …


26 thoughts on “Bakhmut, Why Ukraine is Still Defending”
  1. As long as it remains near the front the highways into Bakmut don't matter except in relation to holding Bakmut. They are not using Bakmut as a resupply hub. It is FAR too close to the front.
    I think the main reason to hold it has been because Russia has not stopped attacking it. Russia is bleeding their army of men and material but if they had taken Bakmut months ago they could have taken the winter to rest and reorganize.

  2. My wife is from a small city called Kolmsomolsk. They cahnged the name to Gorishni Plavni. None of us like russia very much, but we only speak Russian here. They city is in the middle of Ukraine, not near Donbass. The people hated the change, thought it was stupid as hell. Since most of Ukraine speaks Russian, none of us understood the changes. We understand them, but really think it was a dumb move and just caused more problems.

  3. honestly, watch History Legends and his analysis of the battles. He is way more objective and predicts a lot of what happened weeks ahead. This channel is simply not objective or giving out realistic data

  4. This is hilarious, for every 1 Ukrainian dead 7 Russians died? That’s the complete opposite of the US top secret documents that was released. It’s more like for every Russian dead 12 Ukrainians. This is more propaganda

  5. Personally i think the seige of bakhmut was a smart move by wagner, if ukraine decides to retreat they take a huge morale hit and lose incredibly valuable ground for the counter attack, if ukraine holds bakhmut they get sent through the meat grinder, wasting valuable equipment and men for the counter attack

  6. Prime reason it's as logistical hub that connects to main roads and use for.resupply, if controlled by Russians they have 80,000 extra soldiers to commit to the south or to capture that city west if it thats entrenched, also now for the upcoming Ukriane offensive . If ukraine controls it they can now cut through easier to the Sea of Azov with 60k plus the new tanks and uninterrupted line of supply to recapture Donetsk easier that js why is very important . it's also symbolically for russia to control it if they do that will be the most important city by far

  7. Oh yeah, Ukraine are gonna counter attack after Bakhmut falls – what propaganda is this? This whole channel has been propaganda giving us a misrepresentation of reality.

  8. I'm reminded about Thermal's Starcraft 2 1vs7 Insane AI games. The only way the player can win is for them to hold out and wait for the whole map to be mined out and the 7 AI to have no resources to do anything.

  9. I heard that they use Russian baby batter to make local dumplings called Varenyky, I wanna go & try out myself, I don't care what meat they source for stuffings

  10. "Hi. I'm your average AFU cheerleader.! Today we will apply what I learned from the movie "Enemy at the Gates" about Soviet 1941-42 tactics, to a moderate-sized 21st century PMC created for low-intensity unconventional warfare against non-state actors in Africa. To give you an in-depth and a more balanced perspective, I will rely exclusively on official Ukraine government narratives and figures, as well as random anecdotes, internet gossip, and of course, stereotypes. After all, it's Russia, so you know it means giant human waves of penal conscripts from the Gulyash! I mean, Gulag. Don't forget to subscribe! 🙂

  11. 30k RU troops died in Bakhmut ?? The leaked Pentagon paper says total Russian casualties 18k in entire Ukraine!!! Ukraine loss is 78k. And do not forget that Russia has way superior fire power and air force.

  12. Russians don't want to take Bakhmut quickly, they have an upper hand in firepower superiority and using the "siege" to inflict maximum damage to VSU (AFU).
    This casualty figures are openly ridiculous and in fact are the other way around. More like 1 dead Russian per 7 Ukrainians.
    Suggesting otherwise means Chris Cappy has received a warning message from CIA, politely explaining what he can and cannot say. )))

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