• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

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18 thoughts on “Half of Russia's Tanks Have Been Destroyed or Captured”
  1. Whatever the merits of the main content of this video may be, putting a Sickle and Hammer logo on a politician who inherently and irrevocably despises everything the Soviet Union stood for politically, and extends the same hate to the revolutionaries who started that political experiment while calling for curbs on Russian national domination over nations around it, is more than a little ignorant. I get Muricans like to oversimplify everything, but for the sake of your own credibility, don't do that.

  2. Cringe thumbnail. Russia has been a capitalist country since 1991. Also, most of what Russia is losing in Ukraine is mobilized trash. Kind of like how a lot of the equipment NATO countries are giving to Ukraine is trash.

  3. There's a little tidbit about T-62 and T-72 thats not widely understood. T-62 was never intended to be mainstay, and went into the storage quite fast. Meanwhile, T-72 was not only mass produced on larger scale, but also exported. This proved "fatal". With ruZZia being a cleptocracy, stealing was common, and T-72 made a much better "target" because the market for the stolen T-72 parts was broader and included "export options". As a result, whatever T-72s where there, regardless if in regular units or in storage, tended to never be fully functional due to missing, stolen parts. Never-exported T-62s, other than having spent decades rotting in the open-air storage fields, are now much easier to return to service than anything else…

  4. The sad fact is that in all of their history, no Russian leader has ever given a rat's ass how many of his own men got killed. Piling up the bodies to try overwhelm the enemy is the only tactic they know, from the Romanovs to Zhukov to Pewtin, Russian leaders are all traitors to the Russian people.

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