• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Russian kamikaze drones destroy 59 US M777 howitzer in Ukraine. Russian Lancet-3 kamikaze drones destroyed nearly 45 …


34 thoughts on “Horrible attack (Apr 21 2023) Russian kamikaze drones destroy 59 US M777 howitzer in Ukraine”
  1. This is war, war is horrible, neither side is good, they're just sides of a conflict, but, wow, drone warfare is something innovative proving to be cost effective…

    The war has only 1 good thing: It master the genius of human mind, solutions to every problem

  2. I want to see some of NATO(No ACTION TALK ONLY) tanks like USA A Broom Tank, German Leo Pork Tank, French Laglaggy Tank, and British Nestle Cerelac Tank be destroyed by this Russian Badass Lancet 3 kamikaze drones…

  3. Btw most of these claims from Russia are fake because they said they had destroyed more Hilmar's that the USA has sent this is because Ukraine had been using very effective decoys.

  4. Can wait to see Abrams M1 gay 1 [they/them]. Houthis were lighting it up with candles. I really hope Ukrainians field them on the front lines.

  5. Poland sent 400 tanks to Ukraine and Ukrainians now are asking for more!? It looks like Russians killed all 400 tanks from Poland and few more hundred from the other countries! Ukrainian Army is pathetic.

  6. Long live Russia wish you well. The USA instigated this war for their own goals than try to tell us that Russia is the enemy. Russia isn't the enemy or a threat to the world but the USA certainly is.

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