• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Horror: The entire Russian Navy was destroyed overnight!

Video describes how the Ukrainian army successfully destroyed a number of Russian navy warships, including the Saratov, …


36 thoughts on “Horror: The entire Russian Navy was destroyed overnight!”
  1. All this does is prove how fake this channel is… LOL.. entire Navy destroyed…LOL.. always watch fake channels with adblock and thumbs down so they don't get income for posting such obviously fake stories.. It's ok to report the facts but this is a joke…

  2. If we would have just let Ukraine have nuclear weapons we wouldn’t be having to support this war for Ukraine.. at least we stuck to our word and had your back.

  3. WHY ARE YOU SHOWING so many American Carriers and American war footage ? It's got nothing to do with Ukraine !
    AND Russian Navy has not been destroyed ! What a bunch of Bull Crap !

  4. This is not going to boost the morale of the Ukraine army. ,Once the truth is revealed, the reverse effect to the Ukraine army is going to devastate them. It will hasten their demise instead. Lies are no use unless they have the potential to win the war in the current situation.

  5. President zelensky is right what he's talkin about, so he could destroy the Russian fleets in the water in the air and on the ground as soon as possible ASAP

  6. Great job Ukraine keep up the good work keep fighting for your country and your land and democracy and freedom an America + Nikko got your back will always support you and you will become a member of NATO in the future

  7. Your headlines are obviously an April fool's joke or total crap!. If the entire Russian navy was destroyed overnight how come there are still 265 Russian Navy ships operating at this time 1st April 2023. Stick to the TRUTH and maintain any credibility you may have.

  8. Fake news, movie propaganda. Over the top wishful dream. Don`t push it over the reality. Russia have to get out of Ukraine altogether before any peace deal. If they do not want to do it by their own choice so be it by force. Putin and his cronies have to be charged for all those war crime the Russian military have done in Ukraine since the beginning of this illegal invasion.

  9. They pronounce the Russian man's name of Valery, as vah-LAR – ry. Like if you ignore the "val" then you get our name Larry. That's how it's pronounced. They just put the val before Larry. It comes from the Roman name Valerius. A friend has that name. (But he goes by Bill!)

  10. Brilliant Progress and Strategy as always by the Ukrainian Soldiers and President Zelensky. Putin (The Russian Warmongering Terrorist) is on a self-destruct mission with "His War" and he is selfishly taking Russia Down with him, whilst Murdering Innocent people along the way..God Bless Ukraine from the UK..xx

  11. Que Dios te bendiga ucrania todos poderoso debilitar aputler q saqué la nariz de ucrania putler no entiende como se le puede de sir solo Dios te puede doblegar

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