• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Russian Electronic Warfare System Destroyed! Ukrainian Artillery Hits Invaders! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR

Russian Electronic Warfare System Destroyed! Ukrainian Artillery Hits Invaders! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR.


28 thoughts on “Russian Electronic Warfare System Destroyed! Ukrainian Artillery Hits Invaders! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR”
  1. It's funny and funny to read comments that say that Russia is weak and cannot take Ukraine, and that the US took Iraq faster. And it is stupid to compare these countries when all of Europe and the United States allocate weapons and billions to Ukraine and send their mercenaries there. The United States took the major cities of Iraq in 3 weeks, but in what way? Indiscriminately bombed cities without sparing children, the elderly, etc. They bombed with cluster bombs. And no one helped Iraq, did not supply modern weapons, did not send instructors, did not train them, did not send mercenaries there. All Europe helps Ukraine. In fact, Russia is at war with Europe. This is a proxy war. It is inappropriate to underestimate the Russian Army, even though I am not for Russia. I just recommend that you read and get acquainted with more accurate information and compare the facts, and not succumb to illusions) and of course, on YouTube then no one covered and showed how many people died in Iraq during the bombing of cities, because no one needed it, and how Russia began to protect its geopolitical interests in Ukraine, all of a sudden, together they began to show all the negative aspects of the war)) how many civilians died when the United States bombed Yugoslavia and Iraq? Just look at the normal data, a lot of people died there. And how many civilians died in Ukraine? Do not believe the media, Russia does not bomb cities, but only military infrastructures

  2. Ukraine is beautiful but now they are fighting USA proxy war and this war only brings destruction and suffering to Ukraine only usa will benefits Russia is neighbour will never go away so stop this proxy war and these fake news won’t change anything Ukraine already lost most of ports so make peace because puppet of USA will fight till last city of Ukraine is destroyed

  3. While Ukraine did destroy this, using drones to spot the targets…
    I am however quite sure the entire west is fine combing every inch of battlefeld from satelite in search for vital and viable targets that then is communicated to Ukraine army who take over and send a drone for affirmation.

  4. Ukraine must also consider sending it's fighters covertly into Russia to carry out attacks at key military depots & infrastructure that regulate their war effort & operations.

    Loving God I pray to you for your help.

  6. They gained Mariupol but lost Kharkiv and a few other cities. It is a zero sum gain along with a lot of dead solders and destroyed equipment. They have lost their ultimate goal through a long string of loses. The Russian army have gone through many generals and commanders with ultimate result which is failure as the Ukrainians are fighting a hit and run style defence and offence so they are hard to pin down. Putin is doubling down on the Ukrainian war by sending more equipment and solders all of which will end up the same way. With Belarus railway resistance fighters stalling the transport of equipment and with Ukrainians blowing up ammunition depots and equipment the situation is getting dire for Russias. This war cannot even be sustained for a year before Russia itself will fall into utter bankruptcy and chaos with the European sanctions, reducing consumption of gas and switching gas suppliers. All of which point to almost no money left in the bank to pay for this costly war on Ukraine with no real objective and no real monetary gain beside ruin.

  7. These are VERY VERY EXPENSIVE PIECES OF KIT FOR RUZZIA…. And not easily replaced at all under sanctions. They don’t have many of these and a whole one has already been captured by Ukraine and turned over to the Western Alliance reportedly

  8. Good job…According to one Russian military guy, his Commander/General shot himself on his leg in order to go back home….hahahahah '))))))))) So hilarious ; The general didnt want to die in the hand of Ukrainian little but powerful drones……hahahahahaha…PAPER TIGERS !!!! По словам одного русского военного, его командир/генерал выстрелил себе в ногу, чтобы вернуться домой… хахахах ')))) Так весело ; Генерал не хотел умирать в руках украинских маленьких, но мощных беспилотников….хахахахахаха…БУМАЖНЫЕ ТИГРЫ!!!!

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