• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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  1. No. They dont make a difference. The opposite is true: they are nothing but deathtraps for the crews.
    A WW-I concept: towed artillerie. A sitting duck.
    Destroyed by counterbattery after 5th salvo.
    The first US-batch was completly gone after 5 days.
    Modern self-propelled Howitzers would make a difference.
    But this is not what the Ukraine gets.
    Thats why they are currently losing Donbas – and the war in a few weeks.
    Thanks Europe and US: you really let them die slowly instead of giving them material to actually win this.

  2. From recent images and footage the only difference that the M-777 is making is producing a different shade of smoke when struck by Russian Smerch BM-30 MLRS systems or self 152mm units.

  3. Phase 1: Ukraine fires Howitzer on civilian area.
    Phase 2: Russia now knows your general position.
    Phase 3: Drone is deployed to provide exact coordinates.
    Phase 4: Minutes later, $5 million worth of American artillery and munitions destroyed.


    This morning, Newsweek reported that Russia blew up FIFTEEN HOWITZERS IN 1-DAY. $100 million of American artillery and munitions GONE in the blink of an eye.

  4. Useless…see the reports…about 1 third of them have already been destroyed and the rest can barely withstand the amount of rounds per day the Ukrainians are pushing on them….these equipment are being sent to Poland for repairs …

  5. Indeed a light difference in the number of pieces destroyed by Russia. Scott Ritter discussed their (lack off) real value. Your situation analysis is at the same level.

  6. I can not understand why WE are wasting so much money and resources on a Criminal/Cartel run country that is not allied to America or NATO and who brought this on themselves.
    OUR Citizens need these Billions for OUR survival.

  7. Great. But everyone and their dog knew from end March that it would become an artillery war in the south. Sure, USA and NATO sent 120 of these widgets to Ukraine. And it was life saving for them. However, what`s to wait for ? Send them another 120 right away along with HIMARS. They are not that difficult to produce ! Let the Russians get a taste of what they have been doing to Ukraine`s civilians since February !

  8. A billion sounds like a lot, but look at it this way. The United States military budget is 801 billion. One billion is 1/8 of one percent of the United States military budget. The United States GDP is 20.6 trillion. A billion is 1/200 of one percent of the United States GDP. The 40 billion dollar lend lease package is 5% of the United States military budget and less than 1/10 of one percent of the United States GDP. I think the United States can do more without suffering financial calamity.

  9. Ukraine has learned what the American law man from the late 1800's said "accuracy is more important than the amount of ammunition fired." His name was Wyatt Earp. He also said "In a fight you have to take your time, accuracy is important, you have to learn to be slow in a hurry." Ukraine is living proof. Slava Ukraine!!! Glory to her accurate warriors!

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