• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

President Zelenskyy has promised that Ukraine will find the Russians allegedly responsible for shooting dead an unarmed …


24 thoughts on “Ukraine War: 'Executed' soldier video could be a war crime”
  1. Hey american journalists… How about shooting civilians in midddle east from ah 64d… With laugh over intercom? Is it not a warcrime? Or how it was invading country in search of non existing weapons of mass destruction huh? Occupation and making chaos in whole region? Huh? That was not a war crime?

  2. These Abrahamics followers have been doing this with native population since centuries so no surprise…Your grandpa Monster Hitler did this with millions. European settlers did this with Africans and asian…

  3. What about the Russian that turned himself in to Ukraine soldiers and got killed with a sledgehammer? Talk about war crimes, his head was taped to a brick and wasn't armed yet he got a hammer to the head

  4. Russian nacis as they are recently they published another video where they are cutting of the head of ukrainian soldier a war prisoner. There no difference between russian nacis and the isl. state.

  5. Whoever becomes an enemy of America, he loses and whoever becomes a friend of America also loses. But there is more harm in being a friend of America than in being an enemy of America. Examples of this are Ukraine and Pakistan. Who have suffered a lot by becoming America's friend.

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