• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian drone drops bombs on Russian trenches sending troops running for their lives. This footage has not yet been …


36 thoughts on “Ukrainian drone drops bombs on Russian trenches sending troops running”
  1. Like i've been saying, Ukraine needs to mount a Bulldozer blade on the front of some of their tanks and drive up and down the trenches filling them in, the Russians can run or surrender or be buried alive "their choice". The USA had dozer blades on the old M4 tanks.

  2. せっかく爆弾投下したのに爆弾が小さくて全く被害受けていない。爆弾大きいのにしないとだめです。ドローンも大きいのに変えたほうが良い。

  3. Imagine going to Ukraine to fight for absolutely nothing and when you get there, somebody drops a grenade on your head. You Russians are living the nightmare, enjoy!
    Slava Ukraini!

  4. This "tactic" is as cowardly as IED's. Ukrainians are not heroes, they are not even our allies but we still give billions to them. This war could of been avoided but our senile president is incapable of diplomacy. Biden can't even travel more than 3 days then goes to his hideaway. Pathetic, disgrace of a president. Where was the support for American troops while we were fighting tyranny? All of this is tragic and should not be praised.

  5. Brazil: Since the end of the last Presidential elections, millions of Brazilians have demonstrated in the streets and in front of the Armed Forces barracks, desperately asking for help to block the unconstitutional methods and the irregular results and fraud in the elections, imposed by the installed, corrupt and thieving Political System. and commanded by the dictatorship of the judiciary that goes against the Constitution and behaves in a coup-like and fascist way against right-wing voters who defend Bolsonaro… Brazilians do not want to allow a Lula and his gang, who were regularly denounced, tried and convicted in three instances for the theft of billions of dollars in federal funds and generalized corruption, but later cleared by the Supreme Court's devices, assume the government of Brazil… Lula's gang of the presidency of Brazil, and they do everything to avoid this disgrace, which certainly Brazil will take you on the same dictatorial, disastrous and communizing path as Venezuela and Argentina… The world, misinformed by the socialist and communist media, needs to be enlightened and correctly alerted to the truth about what is happening in Brazil…the elections in Brazil were frauded by the Elections Court STE with controling and vote counting judjes appointed by…Lula.

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