• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

AHS Krab: Review of Polish 155mm howitzer transferred to Ukraine

Polish media reported that the Polish Ministry of Defense is delivering 18 AHS Krab self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. Join as a …


4 thoughts on “AHS Krab: Review of Polish 155mm howitzer transferred to Ukraine”
  1. One thing you didn't notice – is that AHS Krab uses soft-kill APS, in form of laser warning reciever integrated with multi-spectral smoke grenades OBRA-3. For Ukraine this is especially important since these can detect Russian Laser-guided munitions such as Krasnopol-M and mess up it's guidance with smoke. Especially when Russians aren't using GPS guided munitions in any meaningful numbers, they rely on laser guidance for percision fire, and they have stocks of such munitions at hand. So knowing when you are being highlighted by laser is very important when facing Russian artillery.

  2. And once more… the 40km range is not achieved by rocket assisted ammunition but base bleed projectiles. Learn the difference!

    Rocket assisted projectiles have an actual rocket motor where the reaction to the fast gasses being expelled out of the back causes forward thrust by Newton‘s third law of motion.

    On the other hand, the gas generator in a base bleed projectile only serves to increase pressure behind the projectile in order to decrease base drag.

  3. Ukraine bought this with premium price that is approx 3 times greater than normal price. Even including the program cost, this is beyond ridiculous amount of price that Ukraine paid. Some shady things are going on, yet so many braindead people are just happy about it lol. Never forget that Ukraine military imported expensive luxury cars for "operational need" while selling donated weapon systems in the black market.

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