• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

EXCLUSIVE look at a Ukrainian artillery unit fighting against Russia | John Huddy

Newsmax’s EXCLUSIVE look at a Ukrainian artillery unit fighting off Russian invasion, as reported by John Huddy on the …


34 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE look at a Ukrainian artillery unit fighting against Russia | John Huddy”
  1. That reporter was lucky that the Russians seemingly didn't have counter-battery fire capabilities otherwise they'd all have steel raining down on them.

  2. The US alone, has given Ukraine $60 billion, the amount equivalent to Russia's entire military budget. So far, the money has done nothing to stop Russia from taking more and more of Ukraine's territory every day. Zelenskyy should just surrender and save the rest of his country from total destruction.

  3. Victory for Ukraine. The World needs to supply them with everything and anything to defeat Putin's illegal invasion of Ukraine. Period! You could be next on Putin's list? Think about it?

  4. I'm sure Joe Biden will put American people for their in debt and give Ukraine more money or equipment cuz that's where he launchers everything of ours through

  5. Newsmax pushing media narrative propaganda now? It is very plain to anyone with a brain that the western installed puppet government of Ukraine are just being used by the wests military industrial complex to make money for the elite. There is no way this 'war' can be won by Ukraine against Russia. Major BS stories. It will always be the common people who will pay the price of the corrupt politicians as long as they swallow this kind of crap and believe it.

  6. Didn't President Trump warn the European doing business with Russia would be a bad idea? Didn't he tell them that going into business with the devil would have a price? Weren't we the largest producer of natural gas and was selling it to the European Union? Then didn't mumbly Peg Joe come along in Cut production and try to destroy our energy sector and yes he did so now you reap what you deserve

  7. Don't give them more artillery, they are loosing, don't give them ammo they are just killing them selves, they will not win.

    All the nations supporting ukrain stop let them loose, the more u help the more people that die that don't need to die.

  8. On this planet are the US, Russia and China as superpowers. If they fight each other, there is no victory but one dies and the other is hospitalized in the ICU. This war doesn't make sense, maybe those people were affected by Covid 19 and they went crazy. In my opinion

  9. Can't see them getting the software to upgrade the guns, and to be honest they shouldn't get them. I know that sounds hard but you can't give everything, especially the military software, for many reasons nothing to do with Ukraine but more against the Russians.

  10. If US would give all weapons, which they promissed, the russian evil empire would be defeated in few days. It looks like for some reason the West does not want putin to be defeated.

  11. They've been caught selling some of our weapons to the Russians. I don't see why we should trust them with the electronic part of the M777 artillery piece.

    France gave them some of their newest self propelled artillery, and the troops in the field sold two of them to the Russians for about a quarter million dollars, each.

    Nah. We shouldn't give them anything. It's like throwing in good money after bad.

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