• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Secret files detailing NATO’s war plan in Ukraine has been leaked on social media. The confidential documents have data on …


22 thoughts on “Gravitas | Leaked: NATO's game plan in the Ukraine war | Here's what the top secret files reveal”
  1. It's speculated that this document 'leak' was planned, as a red herring, to confuse Russia and some allies, to set them off on strategic preparations that have no relation to an alternate plan that is NOT to be leaked!

  2. …Russians are not stupid, can see it as a decoy and can be prepared for both decoy and alternative attacks on them, keep both possibilities open, that way, Russia is covered.

  3. What a dumb channel . Do you think Ukraine will keep doing everything the same after the leaked plans. Dumb channel for a stupid audience. People watch a proper news channel not biased narrative

  4. Why is that a big deal? or would be for Russia a big deal? is there any war in the World, which is not backed by usa and Eu? so, even if the Russian spy wouldnt have lead to leak of this so called Confidencial Document, there was always the certancy of usa and Eu intrefierance. That means, the war always will inclued Eu And usa involvement, otherwise, Russia wouldnt have to start a War!

  5. You're all suckers.
    You got played.
    So obvious, US "leaked" this on purpose, the guy they "arrested" was a willing participant in this trick on you all.
    Ukraine is getting it's butt kicked and CANNOT launch any offensive because it's sent all reserve troops to defend the, according to NATO, "unimportant" Bakhmut.
    Lol you all got played.
    US needed an excuse when the offensive never took place, so leak the plans and OH NO we can't have an offensive now because our plans were leaked.
    If you don't see that you're dumb.

  6. I mean after the Biden Energy scandal and turning out Putin was correct about that then all the evidence that we destroyed NordStream.
    Now there’s evidence of us being directly involved which is an act of war however we already crossed the line as NordStream was a Terrorist attack which means they were attacked first under UN and International Law Russia could theoretically legally go on an Offensive on the US. Like Afghanistan and 9/11 now due to the fact we hit the pipeline we would be legally deemed as a terrorist state which also means Article 5 and 7 of the NATO treaty are defaulted as they attacked first. So legally the US would he alone to fight which opens up China to anyone who intervened and the BRICs alliance.
    It’s no secret we are going to start the next world war thru black flag ops and over reach. I mean we were going to sell weapons to Russia Wagner group same thing as we did with ISIS and Al Queda everyone forgets we armed them to add conflict to destabilize the region then we ended up fighting them years later. Infact most of NATO supported and sold weapons to ISIS at one point. If we remove our bias and personal perspective and another nation acted as we have, we would have went to war with them already. If Russia took Cuba or example we would have taken Cuba off the map already no question. We have also killed more civilians than anyone since Germany in ww2 and have been in a direct conflict for 200 out of 250 years of existence.

  7. Lets be honest if NATO moves on Russia it is end game Russia would fold like a pack of cards,or the maniac would start nuclear armageddon is that what you all want by supporting Russia in an illegal invasion.

  8. Wrong. All of it should be public. Like the US secret war in Laos. It was never a secret to the Laotians. Just the US people being lied to by our government.

  9. Possibly the only news channel that focuses on the actual news, what illegal activities and lies the leaked documents reveal, instead of misdirecting to who the leaker was.

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