• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

How a Russian Tactical Nuke on Ukraine Will Destroy Europe


Apr 22, 2023

Russia could decide that they’ve had enough embarrassment from the Ukraine invasion and deploy tactical nukes to take full …


34 thoughts on “How a Russian Tactical Nuke on Ukraine Will Destroy Europe”
  1. why one earth Nato nuke belarus lol.. this is wrong.. and nato's offensive against russia? that would trigger the nuke defense system of Russia.. it will be mutual assured destruction even before they set foot on russia

  2. WTH Infographics? This was by far the worst video, I have observed. I know it's all hypothetical but NATO nuking an innocent country just to get back at Russia? Really? That is the best you could have done. You could have at least said NATO launches overwhelming conventional strikes against Russian forces in Ukraine then Russia responds with tactical nuke strikes against NATO. That would have been a little better. My first thumbs down.

  3. I'm guessing you work for the CIA right ? Just how you sound n how your videos are set up hmmmm ….I believe both USA n Russian n every other politician are straight criminals n if they destroy our planet the ppl remaining on earth should hunt them down n string them up

  4. I don't understand the part after the destruction of the town where the place talks were supposed to happen. They killed diplomats of nato countries so the war against Europe has already started. There would have already been direct réactions against russia and it absolument would not happen like that. Furthermore, it doesn't take into account the fact that the base commander of the russian launchsites has the final word about sending the missiles. So the intense nuclear bombing would probably not happen.

  5. I would absolutely not be surprised if putin orders a nuclear strike and it fails to reach critical mass because it had not been rebuilt properly in the required 10 year period because of corruption in the system.

  6. This person is a fool thinking he or his west is a justified policeman of the world. Russia must push back if it wants to avoid illegal western hegemony and it has not many options except……

  7. Actually with the weather patterns if Russia nukes Ukraine the fallout would happen in Russia and China first. It would be suicide for Russia to use any nukes in Ukraine.

  8. Just fire a HARM missile at the Kremlin. There, lesson may be learned. Lesson not learned = Putin will get another HARM missile in St. Petersburg which is literally where he lives.

  9. We know that the Russians are moving nuclear weapons to their black sea fleet ,that would be the one in Crimea, The same fleet threaten by The CIA led Ukrainian Government, now who is insane ,

  10. Infographic show always tries to increase the insecurity among people and try to create panic among people…why can't you guys be more creative in creating good positive content rather than fuel wild speculation and worst case scenarios and try to create wild chaos among the millions of people who view and believe it. It's really becoming boring and repetitive

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