• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Former Senior Military Intelligence Officer Philip Ingram assesses Russian forces’ claim that they have encircled the Ukrainian …


20 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Are Ukrainian forces coming under 'severe pressure' in Bakhmut?”
  1. Notice the propaganda..he said 7:1 Russians to getting killed when the document dump is saying the other way round. Ukraine will be out of men sooner. Simple math. Ukraine shoots 5000 rounds per day and Russia is answering with 25000 per day. Math

  2. The U.S. surely does not learn what's defeat bcos of its hypocritical denial! The U.S. lost in Vietnam, Afghanistan & more, sending tens of young Americans to die & maimed for life & loss of US$trillions of borrowed money!!! Now, it's Ukraine, next China & it will be the beginning of the end for the U.S. without any doubt!!! Rmbr…. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!!! MIND YOUR IWN BUSINESS!!! NO THREATS & INTIMIDATION & SANCTIONS WILL DEDEAT CHINA or INDIA or ASIA!!! THIS PLANET, EARTH HAS ENUF FOR ALL TO SHARE & LIVE IN PEACE!!!

  3. Ukraine has been defending ukraine for over a year now they are getting exhasuted and tired. Russia is sending in fresh troops, theres even reports all over social media showing ukraine police arresting able bodied men and forcing them into the war

  4. UNITED STATES STOLE HALF OF MEXICO "TO PROTECT AMERICANS from the provocations and threats of Mexicans" and considered it fair.

    Threatened atomic bombing of Cuba in the Missile Crisis, for the same reason as Putin today…

    Genghis Kan needed strength to unite Asian peoples into one China.

    China claims q defends Chinese in Taiwan, one people and wants to reunify.¹

    Russia and Ukraine are one nation, separated by externally provoked conflicts and wars.

    East and West Germany were also separated by conflict and reunified.



  5. What a freaking loser.. all of sudden when Bakhmut is about to fall , its not important any more… justification !!
    yea right !!!

  6. We must support Ukraine and send her as many weapons as she needs. She must win this year and no other way! There is no need to prolong the conflict.

  7. It's scary to imagine the number of refugees around the world right now. I pity the people who have lost their homes because of the Russians and have suffered mental trauma. But Ukrainians are courageous people, so we must help them defeat Putin and his regime.

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