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Ukraine War Upd. EXTRA (20230416): How to Howitzer, SMart Shells, Sea Kings, & Mobiks Moaning

Here is today’s UWU EXTRA giving you all the nuggets you need to add to your understanding of events. UA Supporter merch: …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine War Upd. EXTRA (20230416): How to Howitzer, SMart Shells, Sea Kings, & Mobiks Moaning”
  1. Neptun's were launched in "battle" (the ones in the video clip). Launchers were in concealed position; this is extremely rare in exercise or testing.

  2. You showed a captured Russian soldier. He was actually a Khasakstani. Other sources of info relate, rightly or wrongly, that the Russian command places non- ethnic Russians in the front lines. Is that true or not??

  3. The mortars are of imminent importance to the front-line forces, since their time on target is generally faster and their operation is quicker and simpler, but most of all their immediate effect of opposing forces is devastating and due to their high angle of descent more difficult to shield against.

  4. The problem with the guns for artillery and tanks with the Rossians is that it cannot be done at the front and must take place in the CRA (Combat Rear Area) or at production facilities. This creates an additional bottleneck in the Logistics.
    Even with the old Centurion and Leo1 (and I suspect with most modern NATO tanks), replacement of a gunbarrel is a reasonably simple matter. For the Centurion and Leopard1 (which I happen to have some measure of experience with) This was a matter of hours at the Battalion Maintenance shop before bore-sighting and prime-shots.

  5. If Russia has had to replace barrels, then you would've seen a marked decline apart from war losses. The only logical answer is they've got a ready made supply they can draw upon or they don't have a lot of machines and guns left. That in itself can be deceiving and lead to underestimation.

  6. I think we could actuslly give our kids to Ukraine for a good cause, I mean if your 20 year old is stagnating in life wih no foreseeable future in this hard times maybe he could be of help on the front lines, I mean its for a good glorified cause

  7. Watching the soldier's well-timed choreography and execution of the work involved in the firing of their howitzer, it so reminded me of the battle scenes in Patrick O'Brien's early 1800s naval encounters (Master & Commander – book 1 ) and his amazingly detailed descriptions of the jobs, timing and coordination needed for a good gun team. Excepting for the use of children, powder-monkeys they were called, and the obvious technological advancements…. not much has changed !
    Thanks JP

  8. I am a russian and this war I know well, it. We have lost so many of ours. We try to fight and we are a laughing stock of the world. God end this

  9. I know I said it several months ago, but I don't think anyone else goes into as much detail on front line updates on a daily basis. Thank You!
    Yes, you may go on a bit on occasion, but it never bothers me, esp. when it involves ethical concerns. You are my MOST important daily source of intel on the Russio-Ukrainian War.

  10. How about bombing the CHURCH on Easter Night (Donetsk) 2 Dozen Injured – 1 Woman confirned dead, We hope we dont hear about more casualties during next few days..

    Then you have these Ukranian bloggers like mini Hitlers having a dialogue about completely nornalizing civilian targets calling for their viewers approval to spread the word and do whatever they can to help, approving injuring 30 ppl being in the crowd to see Russian Blogger, well their fault was that they were there and with highlighted reason for bombing Civilian targets is :
    It was a PRIVATE party and how they dare to go see some Russian bloggef like they deserved it ??? ( I dont go into who was he, and how was he expressing himself, thats his in front of the Maker now, unfortunately)
    IMHO Nobody deserves to die in that way to risk lives of innocent people (including Children)
    Complete Madness :
    For Ukranian Army tge biggest success nowadays is mining and remotely detonating buildings in Bakhmut then recording it from all possible angles and then these littlle Hitlers showing it off on their channels while both them and their viewers (Armchair Warriors and Generals) are banging loudly on their chest and screaming uncontrolably “WHAT DO U THINK HOW MANY ORCS HAD DIED “ we show them this time, with every building blowing up Putin is loosing 5% of political support, its just a matter of time that he will be gone although that last one was one of many BRITISH Intelligence Fantasies all that while they masturbate together on a Zoom Call with half eye lids closed trying to synchronize “COMING TOGETHER” with their Alliance Comrades what weapon is the next “GAME CHANGER” I mean CHALLENGER, Bacuska ….

  11. The smart 155mm sounds like what we used to call SADARM I've forgotten what it stands for but basically the munition ejects and then the sensors search for the target. Once detected it orient's to the target and fires a shape charge a conical formed explosive which can penetrate tank armor. Very expensive rounds with a very specific target.
    By the way you did a very good job explaining about artillery ammunition. The M777 was just being fielded when I retired. I was an FDC guy Operations Chief.

  12. Jonathan, I have an idea for an Extra others here will also want to see. How is Ukraine handling Soviet Era cannon barrel replacement, and what has this done to their old artillery and tank availability. They have to be hurting even more as their tanks and artillery were old before 2014 sealed them off from replacements.

  13. “Counter battery can hit you in 3 minutes.”

    Assuming they have good aim and their barrels can still shoot straight. Both are not true for Russia, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  14. Ukraine literally ships their guns and vehicles 1000km to Poland for refitting. To assert that Ukraine has a better system in place to handle barrel replacement is asinine. Lol

  15. Nice to see the Sea Kings being put to good use.
    They are excellent at transporting materiel & personnel in all kinds of weather conditions.

    I believe Norway donated 4 Sea Kings last summer, helicopters nearing end of duty in servicing the oil industry in the North Sea.

    Added to to the MIG-29 fighters and Mi-24 & Mi-8 helicopters transferred from former eastern bloc countries, Ukraine will at least have some air assets to use.

  16. I wonder about the effect of barrel wear on a guided shell, like Excaliber.

    The GPS version of the m777 might be able to go on as long as guided shells are available.

  17. great video as always, wont name any names but you definetly deserve way more subscribers than certain other people covering this war

  18. You shouldn’t show videos or pictures of POWs.
    It’s actually a war crime that the Ukrainians are doing that and immoral at best for any media to relay the images.

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