• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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26 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers show trenches on the Donetsk frontline”
  1. Why is everyone so quick to support Ukraine cause our government is telling you we should support them? Have you all not realized that our government is corrupt and doesn’t care at all about the citizens. Anything our government tells us to believe you need to start thinking what is their agenda, our government doesn’t care about us…. Can we please start waking up and doing our own research and not trust what our media and government tells us. Come on people start waking up

  2. Surrender and be liberated from the tyrant, corrupt war criminal US puppet Zelensky. Just prolonging the misery and mass death. They are cannon fodder. 12 to one death rate.

  3. War, in today's world, is so archaic. But trench warfare…… it's almost…. Unbelievable.
    How long must it take, and men and manpower…. only to fight and then presumably advance/retreat….. then what?? Dig more pristine trenches??

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