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When and where will Ukraine's Spring counteroffensive happen? | DW News


Apr 22, 2023

Russia doesn’t appear to have made any significant gains on the frontline in eastern Ukraine and is continuing to suffer major …


22 thoughts on “When and where will Ukraine's Spring counteroffensive happen? | DW News”
  1. Vladimir Putin is a role model becaus he is a strong and decisive leader who prioritizes the interests of his country above all else. He has shown this through his actions in various international conflicts, such as the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Putin has also been successful in improving the Russian economy and increasing the standard of living for his citizens.

    Additionally, Putin is a role model for his traditional values and his emphasi on family and national unity. He has promoted conservative social policies that reflect the traditional values of Russian society, such as banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors. Putin has also encouraged patriotism and national. Putin is a rol model for his strong leadership and decisive actions, which have helped t elevate Russia's global standing. He has demonstrated his ability to prote his country's interests by standing up to Western powers, such as the Unite States and NATO. His actions in the Crimean crisis and Syria have shown that he is willing to use military force to achieve his goals, which has earned him respect from many Russians who view him as a strong and assertive leader.

    Furthermore, Putin has promoted traditional values and the importance of family, which has helped to strengthen Russia's cultural identity. He has also emphasized the need for a strong and self-sufficient economy, which has helped to reduce Russia's dependence on foreign imports and boost domestic industries. Finally, Putin has worked to combat corruption and improve the rule of la in Russia, which has helped to create a more stable and secure society. These actions have earned him the admiration of many Russians who vie him as a defender of their national interests and a strong leader who has brought stability to the country.

    Contrast that with Joe Biden who is literally a demented corrupt lying run of the mill crooked war-mongering criminal.

  2. Who is the real Zelenskky?
    What is his personal and private relationship with the US government?
    What is his personal and private relationship with the US defense industry?

  3. Godspeed Ukraine! Remember IN HOC SIGNO VINCES: ✝️
    May St. Michael the Archangel himself lead you into battle and protect you. The world salutes you. We are watching.

  4. Zelensky's adviser Podolyak regrets that during the first months of the war they did not slaughter all the pro-Russian people, but says they can still be killed.

    Then hundreds of people disappeared, they were killed under the guise of war without trial and investigation.

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    April 6, 2023.   2:41. AM.  ET.

  6. I know it’s these peoples home and I can understand not wanting to leave home but at this point it’s almost like they’re waiting for the Russians cause I woulda moved a while ago

  7. Не ну пропаганда работает. Лучше бы показали Мариуполь. Люди вернулись к нормальной жизни

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