• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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34 thoughts on “Ukraine killed 1,140 advancing Russian soldiers, destroyed 61 cruise missiles over the past day”
  1. Great news… keep bleeding them dry, the orcs must be stopped. If the. Conscripted 300,000 cannon fodder soldiers there are now only approx 299,000.. in a month the will be only 350,000… is slow, it’s difficult but it necessary..the orcs must be stopped and it’s inevitable that Ukraine will win.

  2. I would love to Ukraine once you are victorious just to shake your hands and tell you face to face how your country's fight for freedom reminded the world how precious democracy is in our world and for all our futures.

  3. The international standard for war is to retaliate fiftyfold more against a country that provokes first. Ukraine should attack Russia fiftyfold more. Every country should help Ukraine attack Russia fiftyfold.

  4. Russia is winning!! Where are the Ukrainian losses!!! ?!! Don't tell the Ukrainian losses do you!!! Know why?!!! Because you don't want the west to know the truth so you!!??

    If you're going to report military losses!! Report BOTH SIDES FAIRLY!! don't be one sided!!!

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