• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

For over six months straight without leave, fighters from Ukraine’s Field Artillery Regiment have been supporting the defenders of …


34 thoughts on “Ukrainian Artillery Supports Donetsk Airport 'Cyborgs': Kremlin-backed insurgents besiege airport”
  1. This is war, people die. You can't point out bad guys and good guys, everybody's hands are dirty.
    One fact is. Ukrainians will not their nation be carved out.
    This time, Russians will not succeed.

  2. Ukrainian army shelling innocent civilians all the time attacking unarmed people cose they are not able to defeat militia whom are defending their own airport and town.

  3. They dont even move after fiering? Aren't they scared of couter battery fire?
    Also their guns are very close together, if they get counter battery fire they loose all guns insted of 1 or 2.

    For me as an artillery officer they look like total beginners.

  4. Украина благодарна Америке за то, что помогла нацистским формированиям типа "Правого сектора" незаконно захватить власть !!! Спасибо Америке от Украинцев за то что помогают уничтожать народ Донбаса за то что они не хотят жить в одном государстве с такими преступниками как Порошенко , Яценюк, Турчинов! Спасибо Америке за то, что помогла незаконно свергнуть Януковича, при котором было спокойно и не было войны !

  5. The artillery guy is wearing a union jack patch on his shoulder. Cant the Ukraine army afford their own uniforms they need to wear british army cast offs? Why are the taxpayers in countries ruled by NATO military intelligence paying for the Ukraine army to kill civillians ? How can their military defend their borders if their military is taking orders from NATO to go invade some one elses country ?

  6. why mention human shields if your not shelling civilian areas, NATO should withdraw and give the people of Ukraine  what all of us want a simple life of our own choosing, not one based on greed of the few. I said before the west is controlled by nothing but scum where civilian casualties are but a convenient cost cutting exercise. 

  7. Ta wojna będzie się toczyła 100 lat … i nic ani nikt jej nie zakończy … Jedynym sensownym wyjściem jest skazić te tereny promieniowaniem jądrowym np. paliwem z Czarnobyla … i zrobić z tych terenów " Martwą Strefę " i podobnie robić z każdym miejscem na którym wyląduje rosyjskie " Zielone ludziki " bo moim zdaniem lepiej jest coś doszczętnie zniszczyć niż oddać to Rosjanom …

  8. ..Ukraine is fighting for all of us in Europe…, we will remember forever. Glory to you brothers. My family is donating for treatment of wounded ukrainian solders.

  9. RussISIS is just a Third World country whose economy depend on exporting commodities to countries with CAPITALIST economies like EU, China, Japan and US. RuSSia will have a bad time ahead because the times of booming economies is over and prices of commodities hace collapsed since 2012. The last victim is OIL which in the way to collapse towards US$ 60 per barrel in the near term. Some other analysts say that oil could collapse under US$ 40 per barrel if EU lift oil embargo to Irán. Remember that RuSSian state budget depend on a oil price of US$ 100 per barrel. Recently, RuSSian finance minister said that if oil price dip under US$ 60 then RussISIS Kremlin will be forced to heavy fiscal cuts and emergency measures.
    RuSSia/RussISIS is close to USSR 1991.
    Deal with it, POOtin fanboys.

  10. What a crock of shit. The UA is certainly not in control of the airport, and the rebels are certainly not firing at residential buildings. I've noticed a trend with all these videos – they never actually show the "cyborgs" in the airport. Never. And they use clips from videos where the rebels are doing completely different things from what they are claiming. Anyone who believes this.. Well, I pity them. They don;t know they're getting fucked over by their own governments..

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