• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Armed Forces of Ukraine hit four enemy clusters, air defense position. Over the past day, the units of the Defense Forces repelled …


16 thoughts on “BRUTAL ATTACK!! 171 Ukraine artillery fire hits 4 Massive Russian convoy enter which Bakhmut”
  1. ахахаха смотрю видос и ору от смеха на нарядных русичей, интересно когда в плен мы забирали их то одеты были хуже бомжей, у некоторых даже броника не было, клоуны не в ту страну заехали

  2. Putin is a murderous thief Robbing and killing in Ukraine… why does Putin need more? Why do the Russian people support the invasion, the war, the deaths?… Why fear NATO, NATO does not invade countries, Russia invades.

  3. A federation of liberal democratic nations brought together when an emboldened autocratic or
    totalitarian leader deems it a
    good idea to use foreign territory for expansionist efforts
    and to attack militarily. The sovereignty of internationally recognized sovereign borders has
    strengthened the unity of the
    world's democratic nations. This is a conflict in defense of the security of sovereign borders

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