• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
3 thoughts on “GoPro- Ukrainian soldiers under artillery shelling | Ukraine war video footage”
  1. This would arguably be a justified case for those 'armored Bobcats' … perhaps what, 3.5 tons ? Towed to the front on a light trailer behind a pickup truck? Capable of digging protective narrow trenches, while doubling as an armored ambulance in the immediate area and even being configured to provide fire support itself.

  2. The serious injured guy was left alone while the others retreated and hide in the ground and the commander forse them to come out of hole and go get injured man in field. they were going to leave him to die and not even give fire cover.

  3. Saw this earlier. Somebody commented that they told the less injured guys to get in the back so they could put the more seriously injured guy in the backseat area.

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