• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

This is some insanely close combat. Trench warfare is getting a whole new image with this conflict Original video: …


35 thoughts on “Marine reacts to Close Combat in Bakhmut”
  1. 20 лет путинского режима так просто не прошли! Во всех планах, русские очень отсталое общество стадо! А нынче еще и нация в мировом изгое! Эволюция это процесс, так же как и деградация!

  2. Look at the real battle, the real assault on the Russian PMC Wagner. Look and find the difference from this real video of the Battle, and the fact that the Ukrainian Nazis are doing a fake, there is no assault on the video of the Ukronazis, this is a fake video 101% Yes, if a Person was in a real War, he will immediately see the difference, where is the real war, where is the circus and clowns…


  3. I haven’t seen anyone answer this yet, a lot of the trenches are actually being dug with excavators. There’s a video of a Ukrainian drone blowing up a Russian used excavator floating around right now.

  4. Thanks for sharing these.
    You should consider to have someone, native Ukrainian helping you with understanding some phrases . Cause subtitles aren't accurate. If you need assistance in that, let me know. We may even have a calls to help you/all of us out. (No need me on the video, not that case)

    And appreciate you are using 3rd brigade videos, they are badass.

    Check Terra group videos here at YouTube, they are mostly drones, but good for big picture understanding

  5. Some people seem to forget: Many of these ex- Azov guys (and other Batallions) are fighting since 2014 (the War didn't start in 2022…) and they 'know' about Trench combat and are 'good' at it because since 2014 there is nothing else than 'Trench wars'…
    Mariupol got 're captured' back in 2014 and since than the 'line' never really moved… there was some back and forth at the Donetsk Airport and other areas but its was a stalemate and pure trench war.

  6. That's funny that former US soldier tries to breakdown this combat footage. I guarantee US army didn't face this type of warfare. This is the most brutal war since world war II.

  7. Russian trenches are easily identifiable, just look for all the trash around them and in them, as well as the decaying corpses. They don't remove the corpses of their comrades.
    If you watch videos of Russian forces getting hit by Ukrainian weapons, when wounded go down it's very unusual to see anyone go their assistance.

  8. My battle buddy and I had to dig a fire and shelter trench, 12' long, 3' wide, half 5' deep and the other half slightly sloping to 4'6". An hour into the digging we came across a root. Our corporal gave us a blunt machete, 48 hours later we had chopped through three massive roots and finished. We had a meal and were about to get some sleep for the first time but didn't as we were told to fill it in as we were moving. Fortunately in the new position we got it dug in four hours but had to go on a night patrol.

  9. Azov is a Nazi battalion who have been killing Russian speaking civilians raping women, killing young boys and torture people for the darkwebb. Ukraine army will not be left in 2 years.

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