• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russians use 20KG High Explosive Fragmentation bomb to destroy Ukraine Army checkpoint | Details


Apr 25, 2023

In a deadly strike, Putin’s men destroyed a checkpoint of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. War tracker video – The Russians used a …


29 thoughts on “Russians use 20KG High Explosive Fragmentation bomb to destroy Ukraine Army checkpoint | Details”
  1. When this is over zelinsky will have millions of dollars in the bank. Be given a mansion somewhere in a tropical climate. Because of all the money that the military industrial complex has made. He will be paid off very handsomely.

  2. Use smart bombs, cluster bombs and whateve bomb exists.. Air drop bombs, laser guided, radar guided missiles, use them strategically, take ukraine back to mediaval age and enslave them..

  3. The longer Zelensky is left in power to continue this senseless war, the less of Ukraine will remain in existence. Already over 50% over the Ukrainian “refugees” in Western Europe consider themselves “migrants” without intentions to ever return.

  4. Putin is the master of the Game. USA Biden as well. Both players playing and winning while Europe and UK losses. USA emerged as the most beneficial one in Ukraine war

  5. Dear Ukrainians I request you to kick out Zelensky and bring in a capable leader..even Klitchko will do a better job. There's no point loosing more men in a pointless war Please call for truce and get the peace pact signed to save lives further

  6. The different types of fear striking potent lethal arsenal weaponry’s Russia has in its possession each designed for specific Air ground sea operations with advanced specifications to date each having its own merit with unique name I have not seen in use before and not easy to keep up with .Makes you wonder what other battle field weapons they have in possession but not put to use as yet as this war continues.The barrage Ukraine is taking from Russia is absolutely mind blowing .

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