• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
2 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian military base in Bakhmut.”
  1. See the facts. Ukraine and its people are being used and abused by the collective gangsterism of the belligerent West. NATO is an international cabal of terrorists. See what they did to Libya, a once prosperous state which the US-NATO gangsters reduced to rubble, turning it into a slave market. Everywhere they go they inflict horror and terrorism on defenseless people. Their crimes against humanity are too numerous to mention. Now they're collectively feeding money, weapons and mercenaries to a Nazi Regime they've set up in Kiev to fight against Russia. As the situation now stands, it is Russia's unflinching duty to bring this US-NATO criminal cabal to an end. One way or another, a new Pan European Security Alliance inclusive of and led by the Russian Federation must be put in place to secure peaceful coexistance in the Euro-Asia continent. US-NATO must be dismantled and its legions of war criminals brought to account. This has to be done in the interests of humanity's survival. It can no longer be ignored or denied.

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