• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Dead Russian soldiers found in trenches outside Kharkiv

Russian soldiers were left rotting in their bunkers yesterday as Ukraine’s troops overran their positions.


21 thoughts on “Dead Russian soldiers found in trenches outside Kharkiv”
  1. Up to 60,000 Russian soldiers may have been killed in the war against Ukraine. I think that young Russian men should flee as soon as possible to a Western country, so that they do not become the next victims…

  2. Why don't you tell the truth ….these are Ukrainian soldiers who are dying in these trenches and you're using their deaths as some ' victory' parade in this war. Shame on you, western media have become the prostitutes for fake journalism. This inhumanity is giving you airtime all the while 500+ a day ukrainian young men are lying in the dirt dying and dead. Sickening.

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