• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Intel officer for Putin defects. Hear what he revealed about Putin in new interview


Apr 26, 2023

CNN’s Ben Wedeman visits a frontline trench of the Ukrainian army, where they must evade Russian sniper and drone fire. Then …


22 thoughts on “Intel officer for Putin defects. Hear what he revealed about Putin in new interview”
  1. In Moscow, a man is waiting in line for several hours at his local bank to try to withdraw his money. He loses patience, and, furiously, ends up screaming “This was a stupid war. I’m going to go and kill Putin because he’s done all of this.” He goes to the Kremlin, fuming. A few minutes later, he is back in line at the bank. “Hey you came back” says another person waiting in line “what happened?” “The line at the Kremlin is even longer than this one…”

  2. Disagree with Judge's decision here. That is not the best interest of the child, and she is a victim who needs to understand the system isn't fair and it's a chess game.

  3. Typical american to send a car salesman to sell news. Do it real, America, or you will lose all of Europe that are supporting you. I will put that out on my frequences, and well.. it is not celebrities to sell. No more brainwashing, and stupid propaganda.

  4. The brave men and women who died in the wars will be feeling agony in their grave, what is the UN doing?
    Any way my people be safe out there, Now WINTER IS COMING but the Lord will save us for the night is dark and full of terrors, always have your phones on you

  5. File burning? No! No! Safe burning, since the documents are ballots gathered in billions of dollars and Euros. He will die for the greater good of some, the Cia is on his neck!

    Zelensky will die at the hands of Ukrainians in an uprising, reveals former US officer!
    Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky will die during an uprising caused by Ukrainian discontent, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter has said.

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