• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
20 thoughts on “Russian troops leave their man behind after Ukrainian artillery strikes.”
  1. The first strikes was for the vehicle. The following was the new one from Spain. Exploding above their heads filled with 600 sharpnel inside. Devastating for the enemy.

  2. A lot horrible Videos humans are suffering.war is horrible. But i know why Ukraine Puts them out may some go threw Russian Internet wall into russia. May only 1% or 0,1% goes viral in the internet, over 100.000 deaths on russian side is absolut beliveable.

  3. Russia the agressor needs to surrender and start being nice to other People and stop the hostile against other Countries, so many lifes lost.

  4. Good thing the orcs put those bright arm bands, and big bright see in the dark V or Z on their camouflaged vehicles! Stay strong Ukraine! You've got this! Viking prayer!

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