• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers fight off Russians in battle for Bakhmut – 'Orcs jumped into our trenches'


Apr 26, 2023 ,

Extraordinary footage posted by a Ukrainian battalion shows what is happening in the trenches on the frontline. The video shows …


29 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers fight off Russians in battle for Bakhmut – 'Orcs jumped into our trenches'”
  1. Всем укронацистским солдамам смертникам зеленского желаю смерти мучистельной и неотвратимой!

  2. Most military videos out there involve suppressive fire. So uncommon to see close combat like this. These Russian soldiers were in an open field attacking defended positions. Where is the common sense? Russia is just sending people to die.

  3. Ну как вам европейские геи нравится спонсировать со своего кармана нацистов украинских???Апппетиты у них хорошие разденут вас до ниточки а потом с протянутой рукой в Россию все придёте

  4. The fact there was a squad literally 20 metres away pushing their position and had a grenade lobbed right over his head, his leadership and thinking on his feet saved these lads and it’s truly inspiring

  5. I wish these brave men and women were the NATO soldiers. Let's please support joining Ukraine to NATO – a nation of heroes and determined people. My support to Ukraine from Canada.

  6. Славяне убивают славян…. Позор! Кто радуется этому идиот, запад уничтожает национальную идентичность, православие и традиционные ценности. Тотальная ложь и злоба охватила Украину.

  7. Why are u guys only posting ukrainian advances??? I've been looking at russian advance maps and no ukrainian advances have been made for like 3 days yet to u only post these advances.

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