• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Ukraine retakes key territory Putin vows to press attack on Ukraine Why did Russian defences crumble? Is the tide turning? Watch …


35 thoughts on “WION Wideangle | Russia-Ukraine War: Is the tide turning?”
  1. Let them use the nucs, I'm sure they'll get a big surprise, any way the world has got to end some day, I'll bet glad to go, fully knowing, Vlad will be going too.

  2. Russia Ukrain crisis started when America and Nato countries invited ukrain to become Nato member so that ,america can start it's defence installations very near to Russia means in Ukraine .In this way ,America and it's allied countries such as britain ,france , Germany and other Europian countries provoked Russia to take action against Ukraine as it didn't listen Russia not to become Nato member .If it becomes nato country ,America tactically moves it's missiles ,and other defence equipments very near to the border of Russia which is not acceptable to Russia and it's friendly nations .It is quite natural to oppose Ukraine not to bow down to American wicked plans .America always follows imperial and colonial policies which disturbs security of other nations . Hence its because of America , Ukrain crisis is continuing otherwise ,long back itself , ceasefire deal was achieved between Putin and zelsenky of ukraine . America and it's allied forces will have to take responsibility for the coming Atomic World War . ____Niranjan Reddy. ,India .

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