• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Russian forces destroyed the critical infrastructure in the southern city of Kherson before fleeing, Ukrainian President Volodymyr …


23 thoughts on “Zelensky: Russians destroyed Kherson infrastructure, Donetsk battles are 'hell'”
  1. When I see footage of destroyed infrastructure, villages, cities, some of them literally flattened I hope that all russian assets currently blocked are going to be sized and used to rebuild Ukraine.

  2. Actually he is the one who decided to ruin his country..The most stupid person of the year who totally destroy his country.. Even win his country will have deep debt. Very stupid…

  3. Cough so did you,best not celebrate to soon ,Western weapons are now down to a trickle, compared to what you had been getting. The UK is going to reduce your funding at next week's budget.Get to the negotating table and stop sacrificing your people.

  4. God appears to be ok ukrianes side. When people defend there homeland God is likely to interven on there behalf.
    The world's largest army is loosing. David vs Goliath.

  5. Never will the Russian president and his generals be respected for attacking an innocent country and murdering so many men, the elderly, children, pregnant women, destroying their livelihood, just because of power and greed. Slava Ukraine. God be with your country. The world loves all of you. The world is with you.

  6. Zelensky played too much. If he goes against the United States, they will kill him. If his Oligarchs kill him in Russia. I don 't envy him in any case , he 's dead . He will not defeat Russia once, even with the help of the West

  7. We the people from the United States and people from all over the world believe in you Ukraine you can do it get all your territory back be free very much love and respect from the United States

  8. War is a curious beast that does curious things to people.

    In this war here, on one side of it, a joker and comedian became a war hero, while on the other side, a national icon became an internet meme and joke.

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