• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The RCH 155 is a modern protected howitzer that combines the firepower and range of the automatic and remote-controllable …


One thought on “Finally: Ukraine Destroys Russia With German RCH-155 Self-Propelled Howitzer”
  1. What are you Americans actually happy about? Europe is like a different world to you and so far you dont need to care. You actually sound so provocative that even if you get nuked probably noone would even cry after you. And thats the difference between you and Russia. Btw, the Ukranians are also Russians , and they know this really good. Stick to yiur homes dear Amers… And leave Europe in peace. You all know really good what the source of the Ukranian conflict is and there is absolutely no need of anyone getting involved in it. This is their stuff and they know how they will solve it.

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