• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukraine Trains its FPV Drone Operators By Buzzing a Russian Trench


Apr 27, 2023
32 thoughts on “Ukraine Trains its FPV Drone Operators By Buzzing a Russian Trench”
  1. Great stuff. If just zooming and zipping about they would never just hang in the air and be a target. I will make a donation to the flyer of the first drone to fly right through a Russian trench at eye level. Yes, I have a cruel streak!

  2. this is just on 4s, and probably 2400kv motors so it has cruising speed of 100km/h but can go 150 in short burst's, go check out MultiGP if you want to see fast drones xD there some guy's are racing 6s batteries and some of those are maybe 1.2-1.5seconds to 200km/h and even go as high as 220-250 at top end, and that only takes 2-3 seconds 😀 this is why I love FPV drones, they are also very cheap to build in matter of minutes.

  3. Americans are so brave.
    They know which countries are okay to invade and which ones are not. They actually wage war across the globe in the nice way.
    Not like these evil Russians who are invading someone on their borders who was actually part of their land not that long ago.
    Americans invade countries that are super far away from their borders, that’s the American way.

  4. If an FPV drone is very effective at scaring everyone in the battlefield nowadays, I would love to know how effective those expensive jet powered FPV RC drones are~ during my time there a regular drone was enough to scare us and already considering to shoot it down if not for us not wanting to blow our cover or shoot down a possible ally drone~

  5. Put some pro fvp pilots in there. We can drop notes that say "bang, go home" instead of killing people. This is insane yall, were at it agin. We've learned nothing.

  6. Our Armies better start fast tracking Drone Interference tech cause this is worse than gas imo. Some soldiers are left to bleed… a lot… without any means of surrender. Which is contrary to GENEVA.

  7. With modern technology how are trenches good for manned combatants , drones, over head air crafts and modern missile tech will completely compromise that Shit. I can understand for taking out tanks, or underground hideouts, but kamikze drones would ruin all those trenches

  8. They really need to train these guys on simulators first. Such a good training aid for muscle memory. They look like they are struggling with that a bit here.

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