• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks at forces regroup of eastern Ukraine Russian forces regroup after being driven back …


25 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks at forces regroup of eastern Ukraine”
  1. Hey you Russian trolls, cannon fodder, idiots!

    You can't just invade another country you also call brother people, murder your brothers, destroy your country and expect to be loved as a "liberator"! This is war!

    Don't always just believe your one-sided state propaganda, get information worldwide if you can, the world hates you. I've never seen more miserable people than the Russians, it's always the others' fault!

    Ukraine defends itself against only one attacker! Don't drink too much either!

  2. Every second every minute you are destroying Russian Aircrafts, Tanks Rocket and Soldiers. If your news report were correct from the very first day, than by now nothing would have been left for Russia.

  3. The use of irrelevant videos is made worse when you leave me watching the useless videos with no narration or news value attached. ALL of these clips have been seen too many times to count. This is boring to the point
    I’m leaving and un subbing. You talk without giving important info. The videos, are just an extra smack that makes this worse. Rethink your channel, and I’d be happy to come back.

  4. The biggest turkey is the cowardly, & heartless leader in the Kremlin. There should be a special operation to remove him before his ridiculous goal cause thousands more of innocent lives to be destroyed.

  5. Russia blames NATO for arming Ukrainian armed forces. But Russia has donated more tanks, ammunition, rocket systems, artillery pieces than any NATO country.

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