• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
31 thoughts on “Big Bang! Train carrying 2,000 Russian soldiers has been destroyed!”
  1. The [đə] not [də]
    Power [PAU-ə]
    Equipment [e-KUIP-ment]
    However [hau-EV-ə]
    When [UEN]
    November [no-VEM-bə]
    War [UOA]
    Invading [in-VAY-ding]
    Vehicles [VEƏ-culz]

  2. I block all channels that use click bate. There is nothing here about 6,000 Russion troops therefore you are blocked as of now
    Poof!!! you are gone. All of you should do this to click bate and it will stop. I use Channel Blocker but there are others

  3. Мир оплакивает тысячи погибших украинцев, женщин и детей. Мир ненавидит Путина и его войну… И каждого русского, кто поддерживает все это преступное вторжение. Мы никогда не простим тебя. «Адмилсон Бразилия».

    Mir oplakivayet tysyachi pogibshikh ukraintsev, zhenshchin i detey. Mir nenavidit Putina i yego voynu… I kazhdogo russkogo, kto podderzhivayet vse eto prestupnoye vtorzheniye. My nikogda ne prostim tebya. «Admilson Braziliya».

  4. Russia is at its weakest point in history.Putin has destroyed the economy,has killed over 60,000 of their own citizens,committed war crimes,among other atrocities.and this is all in less than a year.all the other lives lost since he started his reign in Russia,probably add up to the millions.hes a true monster that needs to be stopped.he won't be happy until he runs the world,or destroys it.

  5. Old history and views repeated here . Exactly what is''over now''.? What is the date of the destruction of the the train with 6000 Russian troops? This channel is spurious and useless.

  6. Brain damaged donkey Putin , remember this , never ever disobey God the Almighty ,do not do on to others if you do not want others to do to you. Live in peace with others ,respect one another and as for you , it is too late for you . Hell awaits all Evil.

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