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“Western policy is for this to end in a way that it actually has finished rather than just provided Putin with some kind of frozen …


34 thoughts on “Former MI6 chief predicts how the war in Ukraine will end”
  1. the level of western intelligence gathering sources has always been and remains more advanced in the west especially USA and Britain over its enemies

  2. China now controls the flow of money in and out of Russia due to the sanctions, this can be verified , so what the Free and Democratic Countries could do to exert pressure on China that could in turn force Russia to stop the War in Ukraine is ,start reducing trade in integrated steps by those Countries that do business with China and which could eventually lead to total trade cessation with China , unless it forces Russia to stop and withdraw all its military from Ukraine !

  3. Well, Russia WILL keep the occupied territories. Perhaps Russia should too. After all, these territories are inhabited to a large extent by people of Russian origin. Linguistically, even more so. And besides, who should drive the Russians out of the Donbass? Or even from the heavily fortified Crimean peninsula? The Ukrainian army? With losses of up to 180,000 men within a year. The numbers speak, albeit sadly, clearly in Russia's favour. The sooner the West understands this, the better. In my opinion, this is the reality. Even 18 freshly delivered German Leopard tanks will not change this scenario. The US will certainly soon realise that further support for Ukraine (in the long run) is not very sensible and will only prolong the unfortunately.America will turn its attention to other issues, such as the banking crisis or the ailing US economy. Like a toddler who has lost interest in a toy. History knows the truth all too well.

  4. Its unlikely Russia will be defeated. Russia and Ukraine are in a stalemate. I am not sure there is any military solution to this war. Putin won't give up and a negotiated settlements seems unlikely. Sadly.

  5. Russia will be psychologically depleted of able fighting men if the war (Putin stupidly started) stretch up to 2 years.
    Russia will be physically depleted of arms carrying men after 30 months of war.
    Upon reaching 36 months, Russia will start imploding and finally disintegrate into chunks of separate mini-states with a sizeable chunk taken by China; with a demented Putin singing post-russia national hymn in a heavily guarded crystal Palace. Period !

  6. I was greatly disappointed by this interview in that Sir Alex failed to suggest a realistic road map leading to meaningful peace in Ukraine. I was gutted!

  7. This all started in the offices of MI6 with the release of the Steele dossier that was used to build a false narrative about Russiagate in the US. Richard Dearlove, ex head of MI6 who presided over this is now head of RUSI. Who have been leading the strategy for regime change in Russia and disengaging from China. The war, the energy crisis and blood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians is on whims of the crown and the expansion of empire. The west are responsible for creating the conditions that forced Putin to respond, he certainly isn't a mad man, you only have to read his speeches to confirm his motives and quite frankly after the Terror unleashed by the west on the world, I can't blame them. We are the Terror that the world has had enough of, we fight with Nazis and indulge in fanciful strategies to overthrow a sovereign nation, this has to stop for all our sakes.

  8. You're a risible character, how you got to the top of MI6, I can only think was because of which schools you went to. You don't have to be connected to the Internet, to send a text message, "It's done" said Liz Truss. You're "doing" disinformation in this interview, pure propaganda. Russia will win this war, using, far superior, conventional weapons. We all know Boris Johnson, scuppered any peace talks. You divvy Gimp.

  9. It was nice to see him not take the bait to be used as a cudgel to push a political narrative it was obvious the interviewers desired… Also, if you are going to question someone about a third party's intelligence you shouldn't follow that up with asking about a war now taking place in a country that ceased to exist 31 years ago [Yugoslavia @5:13]

  10. You are a compound fool I can't imagine a human being with head say this
    Putin does not want to integrate ukraine into Russia,it wants zelensky out and his cronies.

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