• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

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29 thoughts on “How Satellite Images Reveal What’s Happening in Ukraine”
  1. Sad to say but Russia has a lot of power. I don't think they can be defeated on the battlefield. That's what NATO expansion has provoked. This blood is on the USA/EU/UK, dragged Ukraine to total destruction. They wanted to see what Russia would do, well, they delivered death and destruction. That's what they say they would do.

  2. This is just parts of the prices Ukraine is paying by siding with the US against Russia. Damaged structure is rebuildable over time but the loss of its lands will make Ukrainians feel guilty for ever

  3. Now even all the Hispanic Communists throughout The Americas, and Europe may plainly perceive, as the rest of the world see Putin as a Dictator, and the Russians are aggressors. Like it or not the USA has been allowing many non Voting and non Freedom of Expression kinds of foreigners and Illegals into the Capitalist Country.

  4. 2 things are true:
    1. This is a terrible and sad event.
    2. America has no significant ties to the nation.

    1. What Putin did was terrible and should face justice for it.
    2. This is a European problem that requires a European solution.

    Unless Ukraine is becoming the 51st state, I don't see a sufficient reason that American tax dollars and military should be involved, especially for this long. The biggest benefactor must be Biden for political gain.

    The fight between Ukraine and Russia is like between fascists and communists. It's simply sad that the citizens suffer their gov'ts corruption.

  5. Could you make something like this for Palestine/Israel? Incredible video, an image is worth a thousand words and this video alone has contributed more to my understanding of the war than anything else. Thank you for your hard work!!

  6. Outside my home I have written with very large letters "Superman" but none believed it. How could it happen I clearly wrote it, I can aasure you in my home is living Superman, I can't understand why ukranians don't believe it. 🙂

  7. these are Conventional weapons. ONLY THEY ARE CONVENTIONAL XXI century production. WW II stalingrad left normal looking damaged buildings. TODAY'S SHIT LEAVES FLAT GROUND AND 4 X FASTER… the building dissappears no more rubbles erased buildings like they erase crayon drawings on a sheat of paper with the eraser

  8. It would of been really interesting to see how it would of played out if antonov airport was able to be used and the Russians were able to use it to bring in troops/equipment, makes you wonder if it would of went the other way

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