• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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36 thoughts on “How Ukraine Won the First Phase of the War – Modern Warfare DOCUMENTARY”
  1. There is a mistake in the movie. The weapon deliveries were initiated by the Republic of Poland. Together with the USA, they have been the main suppliers of arms to the Ukrainian front since the beginning of the war. Germany essentially refrained from deliveries until 2023.

  2. In the first two weeks of the war, there was panic in Kharkiv. There was no food, medicine, or cash. Almost nothing worked. I will never forget this horror and the night bombing of the city.

  3. To any Ukrainians who are watching this video, I wish you luck to take back Crimea and any other occupied territories of Ukraine. Although, I am not Russian nor Ukrainian, I still understand and hope that you will win this war. Keep fighting and as Wison Churchill once said “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing zones, we shall fight them in fields and streets, we shall fight them in the hills; we shall never give up”

  4. Present Russian is The New Nezi,following expansionist policy. (New Nezi = Russian)

    Let's compared resent development in Eastern Europe with Causes of WW- II.
    – Back than,Nezi occupied Rheineland breaking the Treaty of Versailles, now,the New Nezi(Russian) invaded Crimae breaking the Budapest Agreement.
    – Back than,Nezi invaded Austria ,Now New Nezi invaded Chencheya – both no country help the victims country.
    – Back than, Nezi invaded Czechoslovakia,Now New Nezi again enter Georgia a sovereign country – both no country help the victims country.
    – Back than, Nezi invaded Poland (Sovereign guarantee by France & Britain) WWII started openly. Now New Nezi invaded Ukraine ( Sovereignty guarantee by USA & England ,Budapest Agreement) very much aware of not Helping the Poland back than..
    Now US, Britain, EU & NATO countries try to put an end to this expansionist policy by New Nezi(Russian) by providing Ukraine with arms & ammunitions – trying theirs level best to avoid/divert WW-III.

    Old Nezi War tactics adopted by New Nezi (Russia)
    – BLITZKRIEG(Lightning War) Quick & Swift invasion putting the enemy off-guard,attacking the enemy before they could mobilised. Back than,Old Nezi succeed applying this strategy in Poland. Now, the New Nezi applied again in attacking Ukraine Capital Khiev but failed.
    – The BLITZ : Bombing civilians infrastructures,buildings,parks,hospitals,power stations etc . Back than the Old Nezi did this upon London. Now, the New Nezi applied this tactics upon Ukraine cities, it's going on & on till today.

    * Battle of Dunkirk is similar to Now Battle of Bakhmut …
    * Back than the Allies troops retreated to fight another day & the landing in Normandy Beach.
    * Now, the Ukraine troops almost,might retreated from Bakhmut to fight another day & prepare for the landing in Crimae Beach or Zaporizia.

  5. The only people who genuinely thought Russia would steamroll Ukraine are the people who think that numerical superiority equates to victory in the face of technological supremacy

  6. Unprovoked attack from russia come on thats the complete opposite of the truth. You're watching propaganda buddy Nato went to russia's border in a non-nato country what a fucking joke.

  7. Ukraine has already had a 6 wave of mobilization , people are being grabbed on the street and to the front, in Russia there was a partial mobilization of 200-300 thousand and initially the grouping was 100 thousand , Ukraine is doomed , no one cares that Ukrainian corpses are being thrown.

  8. I'm embarrassed for the Russian people, their government continuously falls them decade after decade after decade. They need to cheat in the Olympics , they over state their military power consistently, absolute failure of a country. Hopefully one day they can have true leadership rise and actually lead these people instead of raping them of world admiration..

  9. If we have documentaries this good, practically in real time, I can't imagine what kind of stuff we'll have after the war is over and more information starts getting out and people get to tell all their stories.

  10. Російські нацисти і їх фюрер Путін-Хуйло це вбивці, гвалтівники і мародери. Якщо зможуть поработити Україну, то потім з новим ресурсом вдарять по Європі.

  11. This is awesome. I remember the history channel used to do things like this before it became all pseudo science and aliens. Love that I’ve found documentaries like this

  12. 21:52 this map looks so scary. I avoided news for most of the war, but now there's hope to win the war (and by that I mean return to pre-2014 borders) I'm watching and reading what I can.

  13. 23:50 I was at the training ground at that time, 10 minutes before 6 in the morning there were explosions, me and my unit miraculously survived because the rocket hit a row of trees and detonated before it reached us, some were less lucky, the Russians mistakenly fired at warehouses with clothes, although ammunition was stored there during the USSR, their information was outdated

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