• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Destroying an Enemy Howitzer During the War in Ukraine

Let’s walk through some ways soldiers can destroy or disable an enemy howitzer on the battlefield. Despite what video games …


16 thoughts on “Destroying an Enemy Howitzer During the War in Ukraine”
  1. To me it looks like either they FAR exceeded (ie like 3x or 4 times) the tube life span. or the round hit something in the tube and detonated.

  2. There are actually videos on telegram where russians deliberately open up land mines for the explosive and put them in every other round and shell. I think a LOT of ammo trucks captured by ukrainians had tainted ammo and was deliberately left for the ukrainians for this reason. I mean it worked in syria, no reason it wouldn't work now.

  3. Maybe drop a frag down the tube with a shell in the breech and no powder charges behind it? I am just guessing I have no artillery experience I was a medic attached to mechanized infantry most of my career.

  4. My gun always had 2-3 extra firing devices(pins) so stealing that might not be the key, but damaging the aiming mech 10/10. Also cutting/ emptying the hydraulics would make the tube sag and be useless.

  5. I can strip an AR platform with my eyes closed. But I don’t know how to remove the firing pin from an artillery platform. Is there a video out there that shows that kind of thing?

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