• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

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  1. You’re so full of shift it’s unbelievable. The U.S. and NATOhave played Ukraine for decades and they have now found a clown with Zelensky who could care less how many Ukrainians die. Meanwhile the economies of the west are rapidly collapsing. You fools

  2. Kherson is a nearly-ideal trap for the Russian forces:

    1. For political reasons, Putin can’t allow for Kherson to be lost, and

    2. The geography of the Kherson region (the rivers) makes it incredibly easy for Ukrainians to cut off the Russian logistics supply lines into that region.

    So what I’m observing happening: the Ukrainians are allowing as many as possible of the Russian troops and military equipment to get in, after which, with the help of just a small handful of precision artillery strikes, all the bridges and pontoons across both rivers will be severed, leading to the rapid deterioration in the Russian fighting capabilities in the region due to them running out of ammo and fuel, and Russians won’t be able to break out of this “operational encirclement” because even the most intense artillery bombardment in the world can’t “take out” the Dnipro river.

    And the more Russian military assets get brought to the Kherson region, (1) the more rapidly the supplies will be consumed, and (2) the more the overall Russian capabilities will be reduced when the Kherson contingents surrenders or gets obliterated.

    Given that those Russian military assets are already on the Ukrainian territory, this means that the Ukrainian army will have to face them somewhere. But what would you prefer if you were a Ukrainian government:

    • To fight them in Donbas, where the Russian logistics supply chain is just about as secure as it can be, or

    • To fight them in Kherson, where the Russian logistics supply chain can be easily severed, thus putting Russians into a severe operational disadvantage?

    If I were them, I would prefer the latter, and I'm seeing strong signs that the Ukrainian government feel that way too, because they didn’t bombard the 800 Russian military vehicles driving into the Kherson region over the dam. They let ALL of them in without interference. I would have done it too.

  3. Glory to Ukraine!… orc invaders need to be eliminated for the good of Ukraine and the world. They is coming soon where orc will be push back into there cage…. Ukraine arty are doing a great job, training is soldiers, planning and fighting the right fight for the free world. Bravo

  4. People are simply piss dumb if they believe any of this or whatever else come from these amateur pages that simply make up what people want to hear and are dumb enough to believe. Even if thet hit some railroad track. How long do you suppose laying 30 feet of track takes ?

  5. If Putin keeps up the line he's fighting US forces then I think we should keep giving Ukraine those trinkets we sell them and come to the game with our big boy toys no one but our troops get and see how he likes that. Oh yeah he will cry I'll nuke you but the truth is will he end life on earth over Ukraine or gust send his boys home. His choice.

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