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RUSSIANS IN KHERSON DESTROYED! Current Ukraine War Footage And News With The Enforcer (Day 247)


Apr 29, 2023

Russians in Kherson were destroyed today by what appears to the a prelude to the upcoming Khertson offensive or the beginning …


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  1. The British army as average basic training is 26 weeks and are referred to as CROW, derived from a term used with WW1 recruits, now refers to a new recruit or inexperienced soldier. OR Combat Recruit of war! before being posted to a battalion and then facing another 4 weeks of assessment training covering all aspects of infantry training before posting to a platoon. They are referred to as NIGS, New Intake Group The assessment is of proficiency in signals, battlefield first aid, map reading, marksmanship, and all physical military fitness tests. If you do not pass all you are returned to the depot you were trained at and will complete the last 4 weeks of basic training. They are then returned to battalion or Civilian life SNLR Service No Longer Required. Standards are everything and soldiering a profession and after three years referred to as an Old Sweat, An experienced soldier. (Britain, military slang) A veteran soldier or war veteran. There are so my nations with a very high standard of training and specialist training MOS Military Occupational Specialty, Russia not being one of them, and refer to those of what many as nothing more than infantry of a reasonable standard as special forces.

  2. We are talking about a country that gave up 20 million lives to win World War II I don't think we understand the measure of their resolve yet sadly I don't see this ending soon

  3. @The Enforcer As a fellow bagpiper I'm so disappointed that you thought that Nova Scotia was a French name. It's Latin for "New Scotland." Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island were largely settled by Scottish immigrants and that is a hot spot for Scottish culture in North America. There is an annual festival called Celtic Colours there where pipers, fiddlers, Highland dancers and any number of other Scots/Gaelic artists gather to celebrate their heritage.

  4. Reacting on one of the questions of the livechat., Planes and ships are cadastral register goods that fly/sail under a national flag, so on a plane or ship the law of the county under which flag it flies/sails applies and its considdered as the territory of that nation. So yes attacking an airliner or a ship of a Nato country could in theory be seen as an attack on a Nato country and put article 5 of nato in order. The plane that was shot down in 2014 over Donbass was not a Dutch but a Malaysian airliner that had departed from Amsterdam Schiphol airport in the Netherlands to Malaysia so that could not be considdered as an attack on a Nato country but as an attack on Malaysia. As the majority of the casualties were Dutch citizens and Malaysia at that time had also another airline crash to investigate of a plane that had vanished over the indian ocean it was agreed that the Dutch would lead the crash investigation. This crash was the reason why Russia prior to this war already was sanctioned to some extent on top of sanctions because of their annexation of Crimea and their coup in Donbass.

  5. 2:48:00
    I posted that weather balloon idea some time ago.

    But don’t se any point of the Aluminium and weights.

    The net can just be part of the line holding the balloons and then a line between them can carry the top.

    Much cheaper and easier and less weight means more net for the lift each balloon generates. Meaning you need fewer and cheaper balloons or that they can cover a much greater area.

  6. there is a funny story about burning flags, nothing to do about this conflict, but about burning flags. There was a man protestins against EU regulations in the UK, I think it was in 2020, but the flag wasnt catchin fire because of EU regulations.

  7. The russians did shoot up one of their own satellites causing a lot of debris. You dont actually need many hits to create what is known as the Kessler syndrome where debris takes out more satellites that then creates more debris which then takes out more satellites and so on – eventually you create a debris field so extensive you cannot access space any more. I wouldnt put it past the Russians as an exercise in economic and environmental chaos.

  8. Conscripts say in intercepted phonecalls they have two days of training before deployed to the frontline. Russians start to de brainwash and sanctions will end Russia soon.

  9. Would have expected you to know, that you don't have to get to orbit to shoot down a satellite, you just have to get high enough and that's a lot easier than getting to orbit.

    So no, they don't need a Soyuz-2 or the like to do it.

    The US shot down an old satellite by an air-launched rocket-powered missile some time ago, I think Russia might have done the same. Anyway, Russia's biggest anti-aircraft missiles can even do it.
    Of cause, they can't shoot down GPS or geostationary satellites such as those used for satellite TV with an old-school Parabolic antenna, as they are flying in medium or high orbits.

    However they can relatively easily shoot down low-flying satellites such as Starlink- and radar-, infrared-photo spy satellites.

    But the west has a lot of spy satellites, and there are even more starlink-satellites.

    Though if they start to shoot them down they could create a cloud of space debris that could make any future spaceflights extremely dangerous if not impossible, at least for some years maybe even decades.

  10. I just had my phone ring and you a wouldn't believe this crap it was from Russia lol. I answered the call thinking it would be fun to mess with them but all that was said was hi so I said hi back and the call ended. Has anyone else had this happen or know why they did this to me?? Enforcer what do you think?

  11. They keep putting these videos out trying to make people feel sorry for them. I'm sorry, I just can't knowing what all they've done to innocent women and especially children. They need to stand up against Putinism.

  12. Russia keeps shooting itself in the foot. Why don't all the Russians join Free Russia Legion in Ukraine instead of trying to kill innocent people on their own land in their own country? Victory for Ukraine!

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