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This is how Russian tanks trying to enter Bakhmuta were destroyed! Drone Images from the War


Apr 29, 2023

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37 thoughts on “This is how Russian tanks trying to enter Bakhmuta were destroyed! Drone Images from the War”
  1. the city is practically surrounded, there is only one road left that the Russians shoot through all over, it is completely littered with fragments of Ukrainian equipment, you can watch videos on the Internet full of them, especially in Russian publics, Western publics hush up this and pass it off as the loss of Russian troops, as in this case .




    ** Ukraine never INVADED neighboring countries, and ANNEXED their lands. RUSSIA, on the other side, starting from 16th century, created EMPIRE by the INVASION and COLONISATION all of the neighboring Siberian, Asian and European countries.

    ** In 1994 President Clinton (DEMOCRAT) pressed Ukraine to give up its NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Russia, Great Britain and America signed Budapest Memorandum, and pledged security assurances to DEFEND Ukraine, in exchange Ukraine destroyed its nuclear weapons.

    ** Putler signed Budapest Memorandum to mislead Ukraine, and later to attack and COLONISE Ukraine.

    ** Baden's and Obama's weak policies INVITED Putin to START AGGRESSION in Ukraine in 2014 and 2022.

    ** In 2014 after Putin annexed Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, Comrade Obama (Democrat) gave Ukraine only BLANKETS!.

    ** Without NATO and American forces on the ground, Ukraine is dismantling Russian army, fighting for its OWN FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE from the Russian Empire.

    ** Putler wants to GRAB Ukrainian natural resources: gas, oil, coal, metals and minerals, also space, airline and rocket industries, military factories and shipyards.

    ** Ukraine is fighting for peace NOT just in Ukraine, but for peace in all European countries. After Ukraine Putler wants to HARASS ALL THE WORLD and INVADE and COLONIZE Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova and other countries to restore the SOVIET RUSSIAN EMPIRE.

    ** President Trump protected Ukraine by DIPLOMACY, POWER and PEACE.

    ** All Democratic presidents Biden, Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton were having very cozy relationship and shadow businesses with Russia, but accused president Trump to divert blame from themselves.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton sold 20% of American strategic uranium and Russia paid her $150,000 in bribes, and "DONATED" Millions of dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation.

    Comrade Obama was gossiping to president Medvedev about more flexibility…

    Biden's son Hunter was involved in shady corrupted pro Russian Burisma company, and paid monthly $50,000 dollars each month as a payback for the financial help from USA.

    * Without Senate approval in the middle of the night Imam Obama SMUGGLED $1.5 Billion dollars of CASH on pallets to IRAN to embrace Islamic JIHAD around the world.

    ** In 2011 US Drone RQ-170 was hacked and "ACCIDENTLY" landed in Iran. President Imam Obama declined request to destroy it. It was Imam Obama's present from the White House.

    ** Every time Democratic president in the White House, Putin advanced his imperial ambitions and started a war without any consequences.

    * 1994 – Bill Clinton- Democrat. First turn. War in Chechnya.

    * 1999 – Bill Clinton, second turn. Second War in Chechnya.

    * 2014 – Barack Hussein Obama-Democrat. Annexation of Crimea, Donbass and Lugansk.

    * 2022 – Joe Biden-Democrat. Full invasion of Ukraine.


  3. This is a war, losses are inevitable. And the same shots in bulk from the other side.

    Laughs the one who laughs last. Let's see how this all ends and how fans of the phrase "Glory to Ukraine" will speak later, who even 1.5 years ago did not even know about its existence.

  4. This report is lost
    Wagner is controlling close to 90% of the city so please go and watch real news instead of this glorification on Zelensky's nazi regime
    Glory to Ukraine in Russias control

  5. This is 100% unadulterated bullshit! All a lie! Do your fucking homework! Ukraine may when a battle here or there, but they simply do not have enough soldiers. It is impossible for Ukraine to win. If there is no peace, what will be left of Ukraine, when the last Ukrainian
    Soldier dies. What will have been accomplished? Russia will be poorer, Europe will be poorer, Ukraine will be much much poorer and Americans’ will be poorer! But, war profiteers will be much much richer!

  6. Каждое западное дерьмо получит свое… и тот, кто поставлял оружие, и тот, кто делал такие ролики об украинских фашистах! Европа – фашистская территория, Сталин допустил лишь одну ошибку – до Одера надо было всех вырезать, чтобы фашистская гнида больше голову не поднимала…

  7. What the F**k does that mean,
    If you don't call it Heroic, then you are on the Russian side…A hole, .you don't think it's ruthles ? Maybe you should go to Bakmuth and identify for who you are

  8. The Ukrainians will not be doing an offensive. Their manpower is dwindling. The reserve they have is a force to counter attack the Russian breakthroughs of their front when the Russians launch their spring offensive. Ukraine has little manpower left. A huge amount of their male population fled the country and they’re low on reserves.

  9. Смешно смотреть эту пропаганду. Когда украинцы уничтожали мирных жителей на Донбассе в течении 8 лет, все молчали, Россия заступилась, так сразу все заговорили. Украинцы сделали героем нациста Степана Бандеру и его пособников, их именами улицы называют, поклоняются нацизму, разумеется не все такие, нормальных запугали они молчат. Верьте и дальше таким пропагандистам, которые ложью втягиваю мир в 3 мировую войну.

  10. Everything russian was destroyed ofcourse. So how are the still fighitng? This western propaganda is getting way dumber that russian.

  11. Look at the destruction on the sides of each scene. Russia must be defeated and forced to rebuild the ciuntry BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO KEEP ANY OIL AND GAS REVENUE. It ALL must go to rebuilding Ukraine. And if that means hardship for Russian citizens, that is too darned bad. It will take ten to fifteen years!!!!!!

  12. All the best to the Ukraine it´s a horror what the special Operator performs the russian soldiers shouldt take their Tanks home park them for the Idiots Home and show him the middle Finger such Asshole

  13. The indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian armed forces has left the world agape. For more than a year, they have battled with unparalleled dedication and resolve. I tender my prayers and admiration to these gallant warriors.

  14. Украина не победит. Она просто исчезнет, как страна. Так было с фашистской Германией. Зря вы Россию разозлили.

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