• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
33 thoughts on “Ukraine War Map | Russia Captures Ozarianivka | Trench Warfare in Bakhmut is HELL ON EARTH”
  1. Im not sure how many seasons you deal with, but in my region of the world, we have muddy falls, and the ground can become hard very fast, once we get a freezing night. In ukraine, it freezes through the entire winter as far as I know, so it can change very fast over there.

  2. Not to be one of those people, I do like watching your updates, but about 15:30 the supposed Ukraine supply column, that was posted by Ukraine a while ago (can't remember when), and there is no way anyone is cutting through any fields this time of year there. Just saying, Russian misinformation, reusing old footage. I believe Suchomimus did a video on this particular clip

  3. US will provide Ukraine with cheap precision cruise missile that has a range of 150km that is program with satellite direction. this cheap cruise missiles is very accurate

  4. If we believe what you said New World Econ, Russians will be already in Kyiv. You been drumming that Russian is winning even RU retreating the whole Kharkiv region still you said a win, Kherson Ru withdrawal still a win. Even if ukraine will be at the doorsteps of Moscow you still say Ru is winning. Bakhmut is a hell on earth because I've seen many videos that the battlefield are littered with RU KIA.

  5. Love how you post the bad ukrainian conditions, but not the countless photos & videos of poor russian conditions, which you have definitely seen.
    How much are the russians paying you for your valuable service?

    Denys >> Potential reality << New world econ

  6. How long does it take for the ground to freeze and harden? Temperatures will be hitting minus 7 degrees C and minus 3 C in Kyiv and Bakhmut this week.

  7. Disculpa que me dirija a ti en español, mi conocimiento del inglés es muy limitado y mi escritura, inexistente.
    De todos los analistas que conozco, me pareces el más ponderado y en absoluto sectario. Es de agradecer el respeto que muestras por todos los combatientes al recordar que todos ellos son seres humanos viviendo una situación límite.
    ¡Gracias por tu trabajo!

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