• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Sky News Correspondent John Sparks travels to the outskirts of the city of Izyum in eastern Ukraine where he meets Ukrainian …


38 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukrainian troops in Izyum confident of victory”
  1. Battle for Kherson: situation
    from 8:00 p.m. on September 27, 2022

    ▪ Throughout the night, Russian bomber planes carried out strikes with FABs on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the "guts". The contingent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine practically did not remain in that area due to the greatest losses (more than 500 dead and wounded) in manpower and equipment.

    ▪Surviving Ukrainian formations urgently left their positions in all settlements, except for Andreevka. Only the artillerymen remained in Belogorca.

    ▪Trying to save their lives, Ukrainian soldiers left the bodies of the dead and dozens of wounded to their fate. Currently, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is regrouping forces.

    Two companies from the reserve arrived in Bereznegovatoe. They are scheduled to be sent to Sukhoi Stavok, which has already become a graveyard for Ukrainian personnel and equipment.

  2. semua warga rusia wajib bela negara hadapi nato usa ukrain…perang suci..jangan ada yang jadi pengecut dan penghianat…

    URAA..Setiap kota yang dikuasai rusia wajib diisi kekuatan negara negara bagian federasi rusia…misalnya zaporosye diduduki dan disi pasukan chechnya 1 juta pasukan …kherson diisi pasukan kaliningrat 1 juta, bahmut micolaev kharkiev diisi pasukan 5 juta dari federasi lainnya…kiev rebut dan taruh 10 juta warga dan 5 juta pasukan paramiliter non aktif dan aktif dari pusat moskow.

  3. Canada has the largest population of Ukrainian’s any where in the world out side of Ukraine. And still Canadian STATE sponsored media will not report on the war! Ok CBC talk about pulling favourites!!!!

    CBC is Canada’s state sponsored media….Canada has the largest population of Ukraine’s anywhere in the world out side of the Ukraine. The Canadian sponsored Media does not report on the war!!!!

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